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In 2009, Israeli president Shimon Peres had boasted that “Israel is buying out Manhattan, Poland and Hungary“. Later, a western website claimed that three million Jews with US-Israel dual citizenship are going to flood Hungary which already has western Europe’s largest Jewish community (150,000). Hungary-born famous American Jewish chess player Judit Polgar was blamed to be behind the plan.

The news upset the Hngary’s second largest opposition party – the nationalist Jobbik Party which has 48 members in parliament. In December 2011, the deputy speaker of parliament and member of Jobbik, Zoltan Balczo, lead a protest in front of the US embassy to express solidarity with the Islamic Republic. He accused Israel of dictating Obama administration, saying “the tail should not wag the dog“. Another speaker at the protest, Rev. Lorant Hegedus, said that “Jews control the global media and Jews were responsible for WW II“.

Marton Gyongyosi, deputy leader of Jobbik Party in an interview with British Israel lobby mouthpiece, the Jewish Chronicle, published February 2, said that Israelis are treating Palestinians like Nazis treated Jews. He also claimed that the story that 400,000 Jews were killed or deported from Hungary is a big lie. Gyongyosi also told Jewish Chronicle that the conflicts in the Middle East are created by the US and Israel.

“Iran is an extremely peaceful country and never started a war, unlike Israel which has declared wars on anything and everybody around it,” said Gyongyosi.

In October 2011 – Jobbik’s leader Gabor Vona along with Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos (member of ruling praty Fidesz) hosted a trade delegation from Iran to boost trade and cultural relations between the two countries. Hungary exports poultry and greenhouse vegetables to Iran and imports Iranian dried fruits, pistachios, and saffron. During the meeting Vona also declared the twinning of Tiszavasvári with the Iranian city, Ardabil.

ADL’s national director, Abraham Foxman has assured his paranoid sheep that Hungary’s official policy is “solidly against Iran and supportive of Israel“. In other words, whining is a necessary part of being a Zionist Jew!

Jews were expelled from Hungary in 1349 – but were allowed to return in 1364. In 1494, 16 Jews were burned at the stake in Tyrnau for sacrifying Christian children as part of Jewish rituals (Blood Libel). In 1541, Hungary became part of Ottoman empire. According to the ‘Jewish Virtual Library’ site: “The Jews were treated well under the Ottoman regime. However, in the late 17th century when the Hapsburgs captured Hungary, the anti-Semitism grew with the expulsions of Jews from cities“.

Hungary’s Muslim population is estimated to be around 50,000 within country’s total population of 10 million.