Garlic kills cancer


This man states that he'd a cancer growth in his underarm and the daughter told him to consume a clove of garlic clove each week to cleanse his blood. With disbelief he eat the entire bulb anyway, the following day he observed he'd no pain or discomfort anymore.

watch the videos for more:

There's obviously many natural cures for cancer. We're not told about them because the Illuminati WANT us sick and to NEVER be cured of anything. I totally believe that the garlic worked in this case. You know what else I think would cure cancer, among other things, SALT! Clean salt, not that iodized crap that's shoved down our throats. God knows what else they do to it besides iodize it. Pure clean salt. I betcha that'd do wonders for all kinds of ailments.

Just puttin' it out there.
The don't want to know about other cures, so they can collect money every month from us via prescriptions and non curing treatments. Doctors only alleviate symptoms temporarily, or give you a treatment that creates other symptoms that they can treat us's all money grab. But not all doctors are this way just most of them.