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Germany’s most famous author and Nobel literature laureate (1999), Polish-born Guenter Wilhelm Grass (born 1927), in his latest poem, “What must be said“, published today – has claimed that a “nuclear Israel and not Iran – presents threat to the world peace“. Gross poem calls Chancellor Angela Markel’s pro-Israel government to cease supply the Zionist entity submarines and warns against a Jewish attack on Iran.

In the poem, Guenter says he is worried that the Zionist regime “could wipe out the Iranian people with a first strike“- and that Iran’s accusers have no proof that Tehran is pursuing a nuclear bomb.

“Why do I only say now, aged and with my last ink: the atomic power Israel is endangering the already fragile world peace?” reads the poem, which was published in the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Grass answers that Nazi Germany’s genocide of Jews and fears of accusations of anti-Semitism kept him from openly criticising Israel.

But now, “tomorrow could already be too late” and Germany could become a “supplier to a crime“, referring to a deal sealed last month for Berlin to sell Israel a sixth nuclear-capable Dolphin-class submarine.

“I admit: I will be silent no longer, because I am sick of the hypocrisy of the West“.

Grass also claims that the Zionist entity’s “nuclear potential have been stealthly growing for years” without being under any kind of international supervision. Grass says Zionist regime is planning to arm German-sold submarines with nuclear warheads. “Germany could be responsible for a crime that can be forseen,” Gross says.

Israel and German Jewish groups have slammed the poem as a rant of a Jew-hater while comparing it with Europe’s centuries-old anti-Jews Blood Libel around Passover. Israel is the sole nuclear power in the region and has threatened Iran to use its nuclear power to stop Iran becoming a nuclear power or achieving a ‘nuclear capability’.

In 2006, Guenter Grass admitted that he served in Hitler’s Waffen SS along with several German Jewish officers during WW II. He is member of Germany’s official Opposition, the Social Democratic Party (SPD), which control 7 of ten German states.

Guenter Grass’s first 1958 novel The Tin Drum became a best seller.

Iranian are being punished by severe sanctions by the US, Canada and EU countries for country’s civilian nuclear program which the Zionist regime claims to be an ‘existential threat’ to Israel. Tehran has denied its nuclear program is for military purposes. Iran’s claim is backed up by several American and Israeli intelligence reports.

German Nobel Laureate: