brown dwarf star

  1. New UFO Hunter

    CNN Slowly Leaks Out Brown Dwarf Star 2nd Sun in Our Solar System Lies About Distance Much

    Take notice of the comet remark ... In my opinion this may become transparent within the near future. Is not "Real" Until it is on the NEWS!!! Tongue in cheek not surprisingly but take a look:
  2. Unhypnotized

    Comet Elenin Brown Dwarf Star -2011 - Terral03 Pt-1

  3. Unhypnotized

    Spanish Astronomers Claim Dwarf Sun Beyond Pluto

    by Gary Vey for viewzone The idea of a new planet being discovered in our Solar System is pretty exciting. Even more so because of the many theories about "planet-x" or "Nibiru" being associated with space aliens and the doomsday prophecies of 2012. Scientists at places like NASA and famous...
  4. Unhypnotized

    Nibiru To Break Through Ecliptic March 4th 2011 Hoax or Truth?

    A Discussion thread on the popular internet site godlikeproductions has received an extremely high volume of comments surrounding the mystery planet X Nibiru and its proposed nearing approach to the Earth, forecasting the "dark Star" to break through our ecliptic on March 15th 2011. Nibiru...
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    Doomsday & Brown Dwarf Star

  6. Unhypnotized

    Scientists, telescope hunt massive hidden object in space 2-15-11

    You know how you sometimes can sense that something is present even though you can't see it? Well, astronomers are getting that feeling about a giant, hidden object in space. And when we say giant, we mean GIANT. Evidence is mounting that either a brown dwarf star or a gas giant planet is...
  7. Unhypnotized

    Finally it is official - Giant Stealth Planet May Explain Rain of Comets from Solar System's Edge

    check it out - the story that vanished after appearing in the Washington Post in the 1980's has dramatically reappeared: Charles Q. Choi Contributor charles Q. Choi Contributor – Sat Dec 4, 9:00 am ET...
  8. day

    Planet X/Nibiru/Nemesis/Sedna - Updates 2010

  9. R

    Nibiru updates march 2009

    Nibiru updates march 2009 In the late 19th century, it is said that ancient tablets were discovered in what is now modern day Iraq. Once deciphered it is claimed, they tell the story of an alien civilization which came to earth from the planet Nibiru. Supposedly This planet passes through our...