Priest says Hell is an invention of the church to control people with fear


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Here's my take on hell.

Yes, hell is an invention of the church, to control the population. It's the whole "Do as we say, or suffer immense pain for all eternity with no way out, etc, etc." and the sheep (that's why they call it their "flock") believe it and comply.

We are powerful enough beings that WE CREATE what is and what isn't. When we die, and if we believe we will meet Jesus, or family members, etc., we will. If we die and believe we've lived a horrible life and deserve to be suffering in the pits of hell with the devil, then we will. It's all within US to create our own "afterlife". Hell ONLY exists if we BELIEVE it exists. I don't believe in a hell like the church tells it. I choose to not create suffering in this world/existence, or any other for that matter.


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Hell is an interesting concept. My thought, why worry about what happens after? What can I do today to make my world and myself a little better? If you sow negativity, you reap it too.