Growing tired of the fight......ricklbert


Growing tired of the fight......ricklbert

Well as the title says i have been taking many blows to myself in the past few months trying to help people understand the fight we fight and my heart feels that i tread one step forward and slip three steps back.
In this ever changing world were people fear the truths about things,my character has been hit, and i feel i am loosing this fight on a personal level and this really scares me,because this is what my heart and soul was destined to do,however the most important thing is that i have made an impact on my family like my mother,two brothers and many friends around me.
This gives me the strength to try to fight another day so for now i will keep on with the fight until there is nothing left to fight for"i fear this day will come soon on a global level and when this day comes it will not paint a pretty picture"

I would like to thank everyone who makes a contribution to this site because without you guys this site would not function.....

Thank you everyone and have a beautiful Sunday.........ricklbert

Source: From my heart to all that will listen......



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ricklbert, man don`t give up the fight. we need more people like you that really cares about how we are being treated by our goverment. i spend a few hours on the fourms each day when i can but , mostly readind about things going on around us everyday and it really pisses me off. and i wonder how things got out of hand like they are. i try to tell the people that i work around how things are and, how our on goverment seems to be working aganst us. but, no one ther seems to care most of them make fun of me and, think that i am stupid. is it because they have blinders on and look strait head and never left and right. i guess i try to look around myself for thing that look missleading. well anyway i enjoy reading your post on all the fourms and i think you and me think a lot a like..... keep up the good work. dan305

p.s. i am[ flying4] on other fourms.........:)


Thanks dan i knew it was you the whole time i thank you for your encouragement it is well appreciated and as for you telling your friends and co workers i do this every day that i work and few think i am crazy,but lately they are researching for themselves and they are finding all these things to be true the impact is slow but it is hard hitting to the soul,by no means is my fight over it's just some days i feel a lack of accomplishment and realize that i have to go on no matter what,thank you for responding to this thread......ricklbert


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Hey Rick, seems your right on target at many of us feel the same way. Yet via this form and others, we keep going, sharing what we do...and I guess the reason why is because no matter what has happened or the s--t we find ourselves in globally, there is a part of us that has a certain peace, and maybe the energy to keep going comes from there. I can think of many times, how I wanted quit and just go on with my life.

But something made me keep going, sometimes it was friends I didnt know I had.

Sometimes it was because, the silent ones reading my posts would drop a message telling me how much it meant to them, or that they read our Legends to their children. Sometimes it was because of the wonderful feeling that there are other people who like me, all felt the same way about our Earth - even though we dont see each other, and maybe we will never meet - it still mattered to at least one person somewhere on this beautiful planet.

So we keep going, knowing that our small efforts are shared by many others who all maybe feel the same way ...and even though we dont see the mattered to someone we may never meet or know.

Things like this are a belief in action, afterall could we ever believe we would be doing this twenty years ago? Well, now we have the blessing of the internet, and we can do now what we had never dreamed possible 25 years ago we keep going :)

Just as a sidenote, while answering your post, I am listening to David Icke posted by someone I have never met, and most likely never will, who like us, wanted to share this knowledge. And that person may never know the many who benefited from his/her selfless generous act on youtube. :santa-domingo-po:

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blessing my friend