1. White Rabbit

    Fukushima breaking news, the Orchestrators OF THE COVER UP

    Fukushima breaking news, the Orchestrators of the PACIFIC GENOCIDE / PLUMEGATE COME OUT
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Level 3 Fukushima

    Source: Japan's nuclear crisis deepens, China expresses 'shock' | Reuters Video: BBC News - Japan nuclear agency upgrades Fukushima alert level BBC News - Japan nuclear agency upgrades Fukushima alert level New radioactive leak found at Fukushima plant Published on 20 Aug 2013...
  3. Truth Vibrations

    The truth about Fukushima: The Butterfly Effects

    Mutant butterflies found at the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Genetic mutations have been found in three generations of butterflies from near Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, scientists said Tuesday, raising fears radiation could affect other species. Around 12 percent of pale grass...
  4. R

    Israel and Fukushima nuclear disaster

    Israeli daily, YNet reported recently that Tokyo has asked for Israeli help to rehabilitate the city of Fukushima, which was hit particularly hard by the disastrous earthquacke and tsunami over a year ago. Canadian daily The Globe And Mail reported on July 5, 2012 that a recent Japanese...
  5. White Rabbit

    Russia Stunned After Japanese Plan To Evacuate 40 Million Revealed

    A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Foreign Ministry on the planned re-opening of talks with Japan over the disputed Kuril Islands during the next fortnight states that Russian diplomats were “stunned” after being told by their Japanese counterparts that upwards...
  6. 100th Monkey

    Was Chernobyl Revenge for Russian Woodpecker????

    Because of all the information on Fukushima this kind of fits right in: by Zen Gardner Knowing what we know now about Mossad’s stuxnet virus capabilities and the outright sabotage of the Fukushima reactors, amongst others, we need to revisit Chernobyl. I ran across this connection when...
  7. Denise

    Jim Stone on Project Camelot Radio with Kerry Cassidy

    From Kerry's Cassidy blog: My guest on my radio show last night was JIM STONE, former NSA top technical analyst now on the run and seeking asylum from the U.S. in Mexico, reveals the real events behind Fukushima and the possible connection with recent nuclear power plant problems at San Onofre...
  8. Denise

    Ben Fulford ~ Controlled Implosion of Fed Reserve and ECB ~ February 13, 2012

    Posted on February 13, 2012 This update from Ben indicates that all is proceeding to remove the cabal heads, and to bring in a new financial system. He also discusses the evidence for the 3-11-11...
  9. Denise

    Report: US topsoil contains levels of radioactive cesium up to 10,000 percent higher

    "Few in the mainstream media are talking about it these days, but radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is still spewing into and contaminating the environment. And a professional engineer from Worcester Polytechnic Institute's (WPI) Department of Civil & Environmental...
  10. R

    Nuclear arms race and nuke-free Muslim East

    “Iran regards utilizing nuclear weapons as forbidden in Islam and it’s incumbent on everyone to safeguard humanity from such weapons,” Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader Islamic Republic of Iran. The British American Security Information Council (BASIC) has claimed that in the coming...
  11. New UFO Hunter

    UFOs over Fukushima, Japan

    Looks like balloons again:
  12. Denise

    SaLuSa ~ We Are Now Authorized to Decloak and Initiate Mass Contact ~ Laura Tyco

    Posted on October 11, 2011 by Laura Tyco Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. With a few online friends, today, we were wondering about the situation in Fukushima at the moment. It is difficult to make sense of the various sources, and who to trust? We wonder if you could tell us anything about the...
  13. Denise

    Hartmann - Fukushima...is this the China Syndrome?

    Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear joins Thom Hartmann. Meanwhile, Japan is not out of the danger zone...in fact the nuclear crisis is getting worse and worse! We've recently learned from Japan that the amount of radiation released was more than 20 times that from the Hiroshima bomb, and now it looks...
  14. Denise

    Link between Fukushima radiation, Blue Beam & suspected False Flag Alien Invasion

    Kerry from PC did a interview with Dustchinse and that he stated a potential link between the above mentioned within the second clip following the 15th min. Very valuable information all should let others know! And BTW, a number of you might have heard of the current Google earth location of...
  15. Denise

    America's Nuclear Nightmare

    A Rolling Stone article by Jeff Goodell shares shocking facts about the dangerous state of many nuclear power plants and lack of oversight in America. Is a Fukushima type meltdown inevitable in the United Sates? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss. Source:
  16. Denise

    Lethal Levels of Radiation at Fukushima: What Are the Implications?

    TEPCO has discovered locations on the Fukushima plant site with lethal levels of external gamma radiation. Fairewinds takes a close look at how this radiation might have been deposited and how similar radioactive material would have been released offsite. http://vimeo.com/27306360
  17. Unhypnotized

    Bad News from NASA: Proof That Comet Elenin Is Affecting Earth

    Source http://beforeitsnews.com/story/857/2...ing_Earth.html This is going to be the most extraordinary communication so fasten your seatbelts; we are in for a rough ride. I have known in my heart for months that I would have to make a communication like this but had no idea it would be this...
  18. Denise

    James Horak | Human Origins, EMVs and E.T.-Life, July 7, 2011

    The true human heritage and history is revealed for the first time by James Horak. Six extinctions have already resulted from our mental and moral decline. Only once has a culture survived and they are still on Earth hidden in Antarctica. Humanities present path is heading for the seventh and...
  19. Denise

    For fans of Messages From Matthew

    http://stevebeckow.com/2011/06/backg...-2011-message/ I believe the creator or this site is directly in touch with Suzy Ward, who channels Mathew's messages. There is a lot more channeled info on his site as well. "Background and Analysis of Matthew’s June 11, 2011 Message 2011 June 12 by...
  20. Unhypnotized

    Important steps to help protect yourself against harmful radiation

    Jonathan Benson Natural News July 9, 2011 Damaging radiation comes from many everyday sources besides just damaged nuclear power reactors. Mobile phones and their signal towers, wireless cards and their network routers, airplanes, microwaves, and many other devices all emit radiation, and...