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Because of all the information on Fukushima this kind of fits right in:

by Zen Gardner

Knowing what we know now about Mossad’s stuxnet virus capabilities and the outright sabotage of the Fukushima reactors, amongst others, we need to revisit Chernobyl.

I ran across this connection when studying the various HAARP type facilities around the world, all of which were preceded by the Russian “Woodpecker” phenomenon in the 70′s and 80′s. Interestingly enough, the giant “Steel Yard” as NATO called it, is located in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Within the “exclusion zone” of the now defunct Chernobyl reactor.

Why then was this reactor blown up? Retaliation? See for yourself.



The HAARP type facilities give our governments an advantage they wouldn't otherwise have, any weapon they can develop that gives them an edge on the competition they will develop and use, if they can hide the fact that it's a weapon they will do that even from our own people.