1. 100th Monkey

    Jeff Rense Radio 7/09/2013

    Hour1: Devvy Kidd http://k002.kiwi6.com/hotlink/ie6ylu5i7z/rense.20130709.1of3.mp3 Hour2: Gordon Duff http://k002.kiwi6.com/hotlink/kb4skq75t2/rense.20130709.2of3.mp3 Hour3: Joel Skousen http://k002.kiwi6.com/hotlink/ekorw2wzs4/rense.20130709.3of3.mp3
  2. Truth Vibrations

    "Restore Al Gore as President!" - Gordon Duff

    This is another website, but thought is would make for good conversation. "Restore Al Gore... as President !" says Gordon Duff Duff, is Senior Editor of VT : Duff was interviewed by Mike Harris: mediaarchives.gsradio.net/mike_harris/hr2050713.mp3
  3. R

    Obama’s Jewish envoy in Lebanon on ‘Israeli bidding’

    President Barack Hussein Obama’s special adviser for the Muslim-majority Middle East, Gulf region and North Africa – Philip Gordon, a pro-Israel radical Zionist Jew is in Lebanon to meddle in June 16 parliamentary election. On Tuesday, Gordon met Lebanon’s Christian President Michel Sleiman...
  4. New UFO Hunter

    Mind-Blowing: Gordon Duff on Coast to Coast with George Noory

    Video (about 10 mins long): In one of the most exciting recent interviews about the alien presence on Earth -- as well as the suppression of unfathomable high technologies from the mainstream, radio host George Noory of Coast to Coast spoke with Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of VeteransToday.com...
  5. R

    PM Gordon Brown allowed the press photograph him in front of a swastika!

    FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL Global Emergency! Targeted Populations Solutions May 6th, 2009 in Breaking News, The Elite PM Gordon Brown allowed the press photograph him in front of a swastika! Gordon Brown’s YouTube fightback (shame about that swastika though) - Times Online. Then Mr Brown...
  6. Rumas

    Project Camelot interviews Gordon Novel