Mind-Blowing: Gordon Duff on Coast to Coast with George Noory

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Video (about 10 mins long):

In one of the most exciting recent interviews about the alien presence on Earth

-- as well as the suppression of unfathomable high technologies from the mainstream, radio host George Noory of Coast to Coast spoke with Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of VeteransToday.com This interview goes behind the scenes of one of the first stories to be broadcast by FKTV, that of the "Mystery Missile" which inexplicably launched out of the waters of Los Angeles, on November 8, 2010, to the befuddlement of US military officials. Many of Duff's revelations remind me of topics I've been writing about for a long time, namely underwater ET bases in the Pacific, referenced heavily in my first book, based on the testimony of US Navy Seamen who fought in Japan during WWII. Among the many mind-blowing statements made by Gordon Duff in the clip linked below:

-- There is a group of aliens with bases throughout the floor of Pacific Ocean, with one colony near Catalina Island. They are quite hostile. The November 2010 "Mystery Missile" snafu was linked to this group, with Asian forces filling in for the US Navy, whose resources were mostly in the Middle East at that time.

-- There are as many as 12 different off-planetary groups interacting with the various governments of our planet.

-- There are several Earth technologies that are at least a century in advance of what we've been told.

-- We have high-energy weapons within the Upper Atmosphere and in Low-Earth Orbit, with nano-sensors that sense distortions in space-time. These weapons are mostly aimed out towards space (not at us).

-- The first interstellar craft built by humans was made in 1972.

-- We currently have seven craft; they're fusion- powered. Their circumference is 1.5 kilometers.

-- Duff has footage of an Earth-built UFO, flying at 300 feet with a surface temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, accelerating in the low atmosphere to 16,000 MPH with no change in temperature. Outside the atmosphere, he was officially told that they can approach light speed.

-- There is an advanced method of power generation, a "dense plasma, hydrogen-boron fusion reactor that produces enough waste electricity out of something the size of a basketball to equal the power produced by nuclear plant

-- and it costs about $70,000 to build."

-- The reason this technology is not being released is because it would collapse the hydrocarbon economy. There's also the "Malthusian" issue: it would allow all nations endless free electricity, endless purified water, endless industrialization, endless desalinized seawater; such that the world population would move from what it is now, generally thought to be 7 billion people to 25 billion in about one generation. To some people, that would be considered "unsustainable."