1. Boiling Frog

    IBM Could Power The Planet with 5000X suns Magnifer

    These devices could provide power to the entire planet, with green energy! Source: IBM Solar Collector Magnifies Sun By 2000X ? These Could Provide Power To The Entire Planet | Collective-Evolution
  2. Truth Vibrations

    The X-Conference: Beyond Top Secret

    Having conducted worldwide research, interviewed key witnesses and discussed the subject with astronauts, military and intelligence specialists, pilots, politicians and scientists, Timothy Good has established himself as a leading authority on government involvement with extraterrestrial related...
  3. Denise

    IBM unveils chips that mimic the human brain

    IBM has unveiled a new experimental computer chip that it says mimics the human brain in that it perceives, acts and even thinks. It terms the machines built with these chips "cognitive computers", claiming that they are able to learn through experience, find patterns, generate ideas and...
  4. Denise

    Stan Deyo - The Technology of the New World Order

    Source: Stan Deyo - The Technology of the New World Order Ancient of Days 3 UFOs and Biblical Prophecy Conference Roswell, New Mexico July 2nd, 2005 Included in this discussion from 2005 is the history of alternative energy breathroughs, Edward Teller's covert technological development...
  5. New UFO Hunter

    Some UFO Resources

    Watch the first 8 minutes of CBS TV's 1966 Special "UFOs: Friend, Foe or Fantasy?", presented by America's top newsman Walter Cronkite ("the most trusted man in America" to deliver the news), which deals with the famous Michigan 1966 wave of UFO sightings. The multiple sightings by responsible...
  6. New UFO Hunter

    NASA, JPL Scientists Among First to Endorse Billy Meier UFO Photos

    Playa Del Rey, CA, October 12, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / Vocus) Recently published information from Gary Kinder’s Open Letter to the UFO Community shows that among the stellar scientists and experts who first found for the authenticity of Billy Meier’s UFO photos, films and other...
  7. Unhypnotized

    Pre-Crime Technology To Be Used In Washington D.C.

    Computers predict what crime will be committed where, by who and when Steve Watson Tuesday, Aug 24th, 2010 Law enforcement agencies in Washington D.C. have begun to use technology that they say can predict when crimes will be committed and who will commit them, before they...
  8. Unhypnotized

    New IBM Supercomputer Answers Questions

    Source: GenomeWeb New IBM Supercomputer Answers Questions By Matthew Dublin IBM's new "Watson" supercomputer is being touted as the world's most sophisticated "question answering" machine-a description which, on the face of it, sounds a...
  9. day

    Computer and Internet History - what we may see in the future

    An overview of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California
  10. Unhypnotized

    Bill Gates: Use Vaccines To Lower Population

    Microsoft chief echoes John P. Holdren’s call for massive sterilization program, wants CO2 tax Paul Joseph Watson Prison Monday, March 1, 2010 Microsoft founder Bill Gates told a recent TED conference, an organization which is sponsored by one of the largest toxic waste...
  11. Unhypnotized

    Verichip is now called PositiveID! Roll up your sleeve for the implantable human micr

    Greg Nikolettos Op Ed News Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 As sure as the sun rises, so Verichip keeps spawning and shape shifting to gain market acceptance as people from across the globe unite and reject the IBM seed-funded, Raytheon-manufactured Human Implantable microchip company. To...
  12. Unhypnotized

    Oliver Stone Says Banksters ?Enabled? Hitler and the Nazis

    Kurt Nimmo January 26, 2010 Filmmaker Oliver Stone has told The Canadian Press that international bankers “enabled” Hitler and the Nazis. “Adolf Hitler was a psychopath and a monster but rose to power thanks to big business leaders and other supporters who appreciated his vow to...
  13. Unhypnotized

    Get Naked to Defeat Terrorists

    Becky Akers Campaign For Liberty Friday, Jan 1st, 2010 “We were very lucky this time,” quavers Joe Lieberman, the supposedly independent senator from Connecticut dedicated to defeating Israel’s enemies with American lives and money. He was speaking of Northwest Airlines’ Flight 253...
  14. Unhypnotized

    It?s Time To Bring Back The BBS Network

    Strategy & Tactics November 3, 2009 Before the World Wide Web (WWW) came into its own in the latter 1990’s, the BBS or Bulletin Board System was the popular means of communicating by computer. In fact, CompuServe started out as little more than a subscription BBS that I remember signing onto...
  15. CASPER

    Feds investigating Detroit Islamic group's motives

    DETROIT – The FBI is trying to determine whether members of a radical Detroit-area Islamic group were homegrown jihadists or merely a "bunch of thugs with bluster," a congressman said Thursday. One thing is certain: They are not mainstream Muslims, the agency said. Luqman Ameen Abdullah skimmed...
  16. Unhypnotized

    IBM Builds ?Bar Code Reader? for DNA

    Jeremy A. Kaplan Fox News Tuesday, Oct 6th, 2009 Imagine a world where medicine is guaranteed not to cause adverse reactions because it’s designed for an individual’s DNA. Imagine a diet tailored to the precise speed of a person’s metabolism. Using a little microelectronics, a little physics...
  17. Unhypnotized

    Nexus: Research Park Triangle, North Carolina

    There is quite the concentration of companies in this area. (What do they do??!) Research Triangle Park (RTP) is the largest research park in the United States.[1] It is located near Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. A small part of the Park...
  18. R

    An impressive vision of 1980 on the Great oppression

    An impressive vision of 1980 on the Great oppression Wednesday, March 18, 2009 There have been over the years, many Christians who believe dreams and visions of God to have had on the end. Ken Peters' dream-like vision "of 1980 that jumps in my opinion, not only because his story is...
  19. R

    Conspiracy Theorists Scrutinize Obama Ties

    Conspiracy Theorists Scrutinize Obama Ties WASHINGTON March 15, 2009 Politico: Many Of The President's Nominees Are Part Of A Secret Elite International Group Known As Bilderbergers WASHINGTON March 15, 2009 Conspiracy theorists point to Gov. Kathleen Sebelius's attendance at...
  20. R

    Obama at the Business Roundtable

    Obama at the Business Roundtable by Tom Eley Global Research, March 15, 2009 World Socialist Web Site - 2009-03-14 On Thursday, President Barack Obama spoke before the Business Roundtable, an organization of leading corporate CEOs. Obama used the opportunity to deliver a paean to American...