An impressive vision of 1980 on the Great oppression
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There have been over the years, many Christians who believe dreams and visions of God to have had on the end. Ken Peters' dream-like vision "of 1980 that jumps in my opinion, not only because his story is authentic, credible and consistent with the Bible seems, but also because some parts of his vision in the last 29 years precisely materialized.

Read the summary article and / or view Peters' lecture on YouTube, and is encouraged that this 29 year old vision suggests that the Great almost oppression is about to begin.


"I would like something you tell more about my background. I am a Catholic born and raised ... But when I got this dream, I was not a Christian, I was not saved and I had hardly read anything in the Bible, except sometimes a few passages on Sunday in the church. "

"If I do my story, it will become clear why God revealed these things to someone who actually knew nothing about. Try yourself at the hearing of my story, so to move into someone who at the time of these revelations, and knew nothing of these matters. "

"Part of the reason why I am so sure that this dream came true of God, is the fact that some of these cases in the years after exactly happened, and are released."

"Ever since I was a little kid, I had dreams and visions. But my friends and family started me to look, they found me weird and strange. I found no fun, so I asked God and He wanted to stop the visions. And it did. "

"Until then I had always been a good boy, obedient to my parents and a good student at school. But over the years I began to be increasingly rebellious. I went the wrong way. "

"A few years later I married and I August 1980 I went as usual on a night to bed. I need it to say that I absolutely was not drunk or stoned. That was in my life ever happened, but this evening was not the case. "

The beginning of the dream: the resurrection of the dead

"At the moment I fell asleep, the dream began. And it started with a huge hard sound, it seemed a bit on a typical, very loud horn of a car from the 70s. And this deafening noise lasted very long. "

'At that moment I was given the opportunity to top the Earth down to look. I saw all cemeteries, first away, and then suddenly from very close. Then I saw something very unusual: the ground burst open, the earth powerful splashes up, and suddenly there were people from the graves. "

"As a young Catholic I believe in the resurrection of the dead, but at that time anymore. But when I saw this happen in my vision, I was sure that it really would happen. "

'So I saw the dead rise from their graves. But not all, some graves burst open, but no other graves. Again, it was very powerful, almost as if the graves' exploded ', the earth literally flew around. This happened all over the world. "

"The people from the graves were looked amazing from. She seemed a little choir of clothing to have a kind of coats. But while the middle of the day was light for them, they exuded light. Their clothes and their characters were brighter than the Sunday '

"Although the men also that 'choir dresses' wearing, they still seemed very masculine. When I graduated, I found that the dress I was aanmoest, seemed very feminine. But these things that she was wearing were still male. And the women just seemed very feminine. Again, I tell the dream exactly as I got him. "

"This is difficult to explain. People in old age had died, came from the grave with the appearance of old age, but they were not old. You could see that they had led a long life. She looked mature, but not 'out'. For example, they had their hair back. "

"I saw many young people are raised. And although they seemed very young, they were not young. There was a certain maturity in them. I wish I could explain a little brighter. "

"Because Catholicism in which I was brought up, these things I could not understand at that time. Nobody ever gave me the gospel of Jesus Christ explained, and God's plan in order to be saved. I had never read the book Revelation. "

"I will be honest: my life a lot easier if I had this dream would not have been. My life at that time was fine, and I prefer to just go through. Again, I had not asked for this dream, I have never asked God if I would receive visions. And I usually do, as God has shown me something, then the problems. "

"I would stress that when I had this dream, I initially totally realized that it was God. At that point I had in my life no need for this kind of dream to get. "

"All people who came from the graves, disappeared suddenly. I wish I could say where, but I do not know. I can say that what we read in the Bible, that the dead are raised first and then the living changed, I did not happen. I saw no living person can be changed. At the time of the graves burst open, I do not suddenly all living people are included in the air. Again, I had never heard of a recording. The second coming of Christ was not even taught in our Catholic Church. "

Panic and 2 weeks without TV, phone and internet

"Once these people gone, there is mass hysteria broke out on Earth. People were in total panic, desperate. There was pandemonium everywhere, chaos, lawlessness and fear, in every country on Earth. "

"I wanted to dream that the whole night, really not, but I had no choice. I had no control over. People have criticized me because I dream not shared with anyone yet. But again, since I was still not ready. I have not understood what I had seen, and that all criticism I would have to endure and I had never satisfactorily have. "

'While there is panic everywhere, were TV, telephone, radio and other communication I did not know that in almost every home in the U.S. found the lay-televisions-two seemed long closed. I know now that what I saw in the homes, PC's were. In 1980, less than 1% of Americans a home computer. IBM had just launched drives and RAM memory. "

"All people were wondering where all the missing people had been, what actually happened. Everyone was desperate, the whole planet, no one excluded. "

People who tell me the dream, asking me why the TV, radio, phone and computer 2 weeks failure. I have here an article from 1991 on the warning from the army to an enemy attack with an EMP nuclear bomb, which detonated at high altitude is, and which in one fell swoop all electronic equipment is turned off. This is interesting in the light of a prophecy that I long ago got over the U.S., that 48 states would be considered, but not Alaska (Alaska is separated from the U.S., much further north, and would therefore escape the effects of some EMP attack).

"Any country with a nuclear weapon can attack a, and the entire American civilization ruin. God has shown me that North Korea and China a special role will undertake. "

"Can you imagine the panic proposals, all communication failure, supermarkets, petrol stations stopped functioning, all financial transactions stopped, etcetera. In my vision lasted about 2 weeks. "

The advent of the New World Order and the Antichrist

After 2 weeks, which started TV, radio, telephone etc. slowly repaired. But there were completely different than usual broadcasts. Programs announced a new kind of government, with a new leader. Eventually there appeared a man on stage, a new leader, who in his talk was very gifted and had a tremendous charisma. He reassured the people and promised solutions to all problems. "

"This man was smooth and extremely convincing, and able to solve all problems. He was a very good communicator, and stated that the sudden disappearance of God's assessment of them. That kept me very busy in my dream, because I understand
why he said. " (see "Opinion" below)

"Again, I was not a born again Christian when I had this dream. And when this man began to speak, he began to convince me. Maybe you know the speeches of Adolf Hitler, who also had some demonic charisma about him, making him literally to the masses could attract. But Hitler was nothing compared to this man. Hitler was a whole country behind him, but that person the whole world! "

"Almost immediately he began to speak to people through large TV screens across the public were placed. Think again I got this vision in 1980, there were no TV programs with such large screens, and still no 24-hour news. And I now come, TVs everywhere are up in restaurants, airports, wherever you come you will be bombarded with news. "

"My manager spoke about the dawn of new times for humanity. There were new rules to achieve global peace and stressed the need that everyone had to give up his citizenship in exchange for 'world citizenship'. He spoke about 'World Order' and the need for all people in peace with each other to live together. "

'In the dream I was almost convinced by. World peace, finally, that sounds good. Until you see the cost. Let me tell you that there is no world peace until the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, His throne on this Earth draws. Nobody else will ever bring peace on Earth. "

And although the message in the dream I am very claim, I was still not entirely convinced by this' New Order '. I heard over the words' New Order ',' World Order 'and' New Times', but I never heard the term 'New World Order. " Why, I do not know. "

"The people took his massive plans. There was no opposition. I do not know whether people who were against it, may have been blocked for their views through media expression. This is already the case in the U.S.. "

'In the dream I was a hopeless feeling, and was a final walk, as in real life I always do when I search for answers. And again, all over the world felt. It seemed as if the whole world third-world country had become, and people had the greatest difficulty to process what had happened. "

"After a while, I do not know how long it lasted, I came in the dream an older man, the first that I was friendly. It seemed as if he still had some hope, so I asked him if he might know what's happening in the world at hand was. He literally told me that was the end, but that he is not prepared to the coming of the Lord. After he said this, he was suddenly very sad. "

"He told me that he was not right with the Lord, and then immediately started me God's plan for the salvation of humanity to tell. Then he looked around and no one saw him, and then took a small book from his bag out. I knew in the dream that it was a Bible, because at that time I was in my life no Bible Reader. I was simply not interested. "

"He started me things in the Bible to read about the need for God to ask forgiveness for my sins and my sinful nature. He told me that if I would, I would obtain eternal life, and God's strength to me during this life to help. He convinced me and I took, so in my dream-Jesus Christ as my Savior. A strange experience, therefore, in a dream to do, especially when you consider that when I awoke, I could not understand what exactly happened. Only two weeks after the dream I was actually a Christian. "

'Immediately I was after Jesus in my dream I had, joy in my heart. I closed me to the man and his small group of people. We were concerned for the many babies who were left behind. I stayed with this group because they seemed to be the only ones on Earth who have had peace in their hearts. In the dream my wife was a Christian. "

"The man who suddenly appeared on television and promised to solve all problems, and all signs and miracles could do - that man I will never forget his face. Never, as long as I live I will remember his face. Various people have already helped several photos of famous people emailed data, and asked whether that person was. I can tell you: it is none of them yet. "

"The sight of him was almost supernatural to see. He was almost too perfect, the handsome man I've ever seen. He really had everything. Everything in his appearance was almost perfect. And in his talk, he had a very special, strange quality. The Bible says that Jesus is not looking pretty, but ordinary. He was not someone who we would vote for his appearance. But this man was this. The Antichrist is also in this respect the opposite of Jesus. "

Global Earthquake and extreme weather

"Our group of people, Christians, made things very special. I had never thought that God is so with individuals and groups would interfere. If I was not raised. But there happened very special things. Food multiplied itself, people were healed after prayer. "

"At this point the dream started to change things. I saw how money was electronically marked, so that the track was over. That did not exist in 1980, when I got this vision. "

"There was an earthquake. I walked on the street and I saw a glass, triangular building that did not exist-collapse, which 200 people were slain. I knew in the dream that the world was aarbeving. "

"God warned me that a huge earthquake will come, if people do not repent. I have political and religious leaders see on TV proclaim that we as people can overcome all our problems, with the strength of our spirit, and that earthquakes are no judgments of God. But that is not true. The Bible is clear, Jesus says that earthquakes Self signing the opinion. "

'Well, this global earthquake caused millions of deaths and unimaginable destruction. Some areas were so very devastated that they did not even bother to name names to send rescue teams around. "

"This earthquake caused the back of stroke hit. The normal weather pattern changed total. Winter became summer, summer, winter. The weather was a chaos, it was not to predict. "

'Harvesting was suddenly lost. There was massive drought and famine. The most fertile agricultural areas were totally destroyed. Once fertile regions changed in deserts. It happened almost immediately, in a very short time. It was due to the fact that the whole Earth was shaken. I saw from above the whole Earth wobble as a drunkard. "

'Remember that I have never had read the Bible, and have never had someone tell me this. It was very frightening for me in the dream. "

Total control

"The whole system changed. There were soldiers in the very unusual looking vehicles, which I now know that the Humvee's. They were everywhere visible, and black. The soldiers also wore black uniforms, with blue helmets. The vehicles were all a kind laptop and a GPS system on board, which at the time of the dream did not exist. I recognized only years later, when this was developed. "

'In the dream I saw cameras everywhere on the street. They were able to locate everyone. These military police, or whatever it was, contributed so blue helmets. That was in 1980 still nowhere for. The new police system was introduced very peaceful. They were not rough, I saw no riots or people are shot dead. They appeared everywhere and seemed peaceful. "

"You had in the U.S. suddenly paper need to be able to travel. The politics of the new leader was stopped by nobody. No one stood against him, no one started a revolution. There was no opposition to him. "

"I can well imagine that now, because most of the Church of Jesus Christ has fallen asleep. If you are against them on the end begins, you are immediately a doomsday thinker, a fanatic, a development that disturbed at the end of the world is waiting. "

'Or they look at you strangely if you do not believe that we will be away before the problems started. But even read the Bible. God did not Noah away from the Earth, he let him build an Ark. God rescued Lot from Sodom, but destroyed the city. He took Lot not in the clouds. Jesus in the bath high to prayer: Father, I pray not that thou them away from the world but that you keep them for the evil. He did not for nothing: he who persists to the end will be saved. So I am sorry for all those Christians who think that we will be removed before it becomes difficult. " (see "Opinion" at the bottom for another explanation)

"There was a peaceful state-of-siege. The military police were everywhere, and knew where everyone was. I saw that people had TVs at home not only broadcast programs, but the people could keep in mind, could intercept and people were influenced by special signals. Here the TV did not agree to be! "

'All day the people were on the TV called to participate in the' New Order ', so they would be saved from all difficulties. It was constantly repeated by the one man, every time he appeared on TV. The 'New Order' would have all the answers to the great world, and show leadership to the necessary change (change) them. This was finally achieved world peace can be. "

"This message is also to the people everywhere already been pumped. 'World-unit', 'World Peace'. We hear and read everywhere. "

Short, but mass production

"I saw it all 'so called' Christians to the older man and his group went, where I also had connected. They told how they ever had a relationship with Jesus but became cold and had lost weight, no longer interested in the desire for a sacred, passionate life with God. "

"For a short time people started to total Jesus on it. From above the Earth, I saw suddenly everywhere kind of light rays from the surface appearance. And what I saw, still gives me the determination to continue with this message. "

"I take this message now 17 years on the dead body of Christ in the USA, and I will be honest: I am tired. Therefore I am now working in Guatemala, in an orphanage, because they still are hungry. Americans think they know everything. But if not for the next part of my message would be, I would never preach in America. "

"This is what happened. All these light rays in the atmosphere began to shine. The indicative of a mass production on the entire Earth. There were no known person, not a famous TV personality. I saw only ordinary people, which occurred in the power of the Lord, as the Bible describes. They bathe the sick, and they were immediately healed. They bathe in the blind and their eyes were opened. She raised even dead. "

"This generation lasted 3 to 4, more than 6 months. It was incredible. Entire regions were a total of Jesus Christ. I saw no larger than Jesus did, but in larger quantities. But there were cities and regions were in complete darkness. "

Persecution: Christians into camps; required mark 'Then something incredible happened in the spiritual reality. At the moment that all these miracles took place, the 'World Order' very angry. This was because what was happening outside their control happened, and they could not manipulate or stop. And that also infuriated the devil. "

'Then came an unimaginable persecution. Now all, in recent years more Christian persecution than ever before in the history added together. An example: the Arab countries pay millions of dollars each month to residents of Africa to be Muslim, not Christian. "

"When I saw that Christians were put to prison, which is found across the U.S., but especially in California. In the 80s, the Holy Spirit to me that everywhere in the U.S. prisons were built, specially designed to eventually Christians in storage. These prisons were primarily in remote places are constructed, at least 15 to 20 mile distance each main thoroughfares. "

"When I came in my dream to someone who asked me if I have my identification mark though. I said: What do you mean? He said that a mark was introduced (which happened first on a voluntary basis) that soon everyone was obliged to have to buy and sell. "

"The sign that this person had his hand, looked like a kind of holographic sun, causing all sorts of" rays "appeared to come from. In that Sunday was a kind of sign, it looked like a hand with a mark drawn. This man was very pleased with his character, because people have no cards and credit cards to use. "

"I regard this last I discovered something odd. I was a checkout in the K-Mart (large supermarket) and I saw at the checkout a kind of gray colored square built, with the image of a hand. It looked like the same character as what I had seen in my dream. I asked the lady at the checkout what the intention was there. She replied that she had recently placed, but the reason it was not told. But one of her bosses would have told her that at a certain point in the future people just run their hands on that gray area would do get to pay. Oddly enough it was the thing two weeks later removed. From others I have heard similar stories. "

Arrested, interrogated and beheaded

'In the dream I get sudden strong urge to run home, because something with my wife on the hand would be. But in my mind I get to hear that I should not do. But I do it anyway. I open the front door and see a powerful demonic presence. It was a dark being, he had a kind of haze of darkness around him hanging. I am extremely shocked and screamed. "

"I believe it was a demon. I threw as the door and fled, while I realized that my wife was not home, but had disappeared. I was very scared. I ran and ran but was arrested by military police, which I have already mentioned. They brought me to a public building, and there was my wife, and the older man I had met previously, and they called an evangelist. "

"I know that Christians are already years in the observation. So they knew even in my dream all of me. Recently there was even an article in several major newspapers, that the FBI Christians believe what the Bible is, applies to this time, when people consider dangerous. "

'In the beginning they treated us politely and they tried to get us friendly to work with the new government, and to accept the new measures. When we refused, we were in another room, where a huge indoctrinating, thoughts manipulative way we talk has been made. I was nearly over, but my wife and evangelist resist violently against themselves. "

"Just before my capture, I saw in my dream that all countries of the world were united. The countries had no more sovereignty. The continents were no longer divided into countries and regions. At this point in the dream was the presence of God on Earth almost impossible to detect. The 'World Order' even no presence of God in it. The evil was in every aspect of society penetrated. There was darkness everywhere. "

"There was a very clear line between who in God heard, and who not. If you see people, such as a group, you sometimes wonder who is and who is not saved. I know you. But it will be very different, then you get people know whether they belong to God or not. "

"When we were arrested and were questioned, the thought control phenomenal strong. It was stronger than any human being could carry. I was really overwhelmed with anxiety, but my wife and the evangelist was very brave. "

"When they took us to a very long way. Here were thousands of people in a row waiting for so long was that way. We had to stand in line. Every time there were people on the waiting went inpraten that they had to renounce their faith. It never used the name of Jesus Christ and God, but they said that we now have our faith in Him could renounce our lives to be saved. "

"Sometimes someone fell in, and then they took him to an area where such a person actually believe in Jesus Christ rejected. I felt very uncomfortable in that row waiting, because I was not sure what they would do with us. "

"We passed several double doors and were finally in a kind of cell correctly. When they were older men, the evangelist clearance, names them and locks the doors. I did not know what they did with him. After a minute or six, the door wide open, and when I saw a large man with a kind of mask, with holes so he could see. And he had a large sword in his hands, a very frightening thing, with a strange, curved bend in it. "

"When I realized what would happen. My wife got one last chance to believe her to swear. There was a table, just as a larger man. My wife began to preach and to punish the devil, they were angry and her on her back on the table determine associations. When the big man cut her head off. "

"I do not know if I ever will die as a martyr. Well I know that everything I have in my dream've seen, is released or the amount is. And what that sword: to my amazement I saw by chance exactly same sword on the logo of the Shriners. The Shriners call themselves a "fraternity," based on the principles of Freemasonry, and as a symbol has been two to one another Arab swords with them a star - the symbol of Islam. I have been searched and it appears that the blood-red color of their headgear is a reference to the blood of Christians, which they have promised to be shed. "

I must be honest, I was afraid what would happen with me, then I was shocked that my wife was just murdered. I know it sounds very selfish, but if I could tell something else, I would lie. I was very scared, because I knew I was going to die. "

"I was paralyzed with fear, and knew that I would not be saved. I was shaking all, it was horrible. I started from the inside to call to Jesus. At that moment I felt a hand on my shoulder and I was immediately quite warm. The shaking stopped and I was again clear. I never forget that hand, which looked out, as if a lot of work was done. "

"I felt suddenly peaceful from within, and turned me around. There stood the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not know how he came, but he looked very strict to me. It was not condemnatory, but as he looked me right in my life. And His eyes were brown or blue, but it seemed red as fire. He looked very clear right through me and my whole life around, and He knew everything about me. All my strengths and weaknesses, all the hidden lies and deceptions for him visible. My whole being was open for him. That was a very frightening moment. "

"I would say that my meeting with the Lord made me very happy, but that was not the case. I was actually afraid of. I now know what to do with the fear des Heeren 'means. It was a powerful manifestation of His Being, not 'we are friends and buddies' stuff. That I not, I saw Him in His awesome nature. "

"At the moment he looked at me and I was certified of my own depravity, he said to me, and she: Be not afraid, my son, because death will never hold you."

"When I was on the table. They said that I still had a chance to reject him, but I said no, He is Lord of all, and He would also be your Lord.

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