1. 100th Monkey

    Wow of the Week: Scientists challenge the idea of the individual genome - we are not so unique after all!

    All of our DNA might be the same??? Wow of the Week: Scientists challenge the idea of the individual genome » MedCity News
  2. 100th Monkey

    Major Illuminati signs on a rave party?

    This is creepy! They miss the two monarch butterfly's or monarch mind control/MK ultra mind control. As well as the Semiramis owl Moloch/Molech?
  3. 2

    [Opinion] Saw it in a made for TV movie.

    Theory of mine, don't know if anyone else out there has the idea, so, it may be a little off the wall. We've discussed this subject at length on the board, so thought I'd get a general idea if I'm on the right trackwith my idea. Not too much to do today, usually the weekends are pretty darn...
  4. Denise

    Ascenation Q&A with Drunvalo

    Latest Q&A with Drunvalo, posted yesterday. Video info: We are considering making a show in which Drunvalo answers user submitted questions. If you like this idea, please share with us. Feel free to submit questions as a comment or video response to this video.
  5. Denise

    The Illuminati's Worst Nightmare Come True

    Greg Braden and Deborah Razman, describing the idea behind the Global Coherence Initiative.
  6. Truth Vibrations

    David Icke Debunked?

    Its over a 150 minuets long, this on is shorter and give you an idea of what the top one means:
  7. Unhypnotized

    US Airforce Times: Returning to the Draft, What do you Think?

    12-26-2010 05:57 AM 'The U.S. will enter its 10th year of war in Afghanistan in 2011 and its eighth year in Iraq — two of the longest conflicts in the nation’s history. Do you think that troops are shouldering too much of the burden in Iraq and Afghanistan? Would you support the idea of a...
  8. Rumas

    Jill Taylor - An Idea Worth Spreading

    That is a very beautiful and inspirational story. This video left me feeling very good about life! I hope it will do the same for you! Jill Taylor - An Idea Worth Spreading