The Illuminati's Worst Nightmare Come True



Greg Braden and Deborah Razman, describing the idea behind the Global Coherence Initiative.


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Such a great message in such a short video. Wow. I love Greg Braden, I love the way he words things. For having come from a strict scientific training, he really used his own mind and energy to see past to what is not recognized by science. Love it. Greg Braden, much like David Icke, has a way of putting things that make you feel calm and aware at the same time. He doesn't inspire fear, but he inspires peace.

And yes, if we all work together, we CAN make this world a better place and "take back" what is ours and have a peaceful society that coexists without strife and wars. We just need to be on the same level of what we want this world to be, and not on the level of 'well, that's the way it is, so let's leave it that way. it works right?'. The only way to make change is for many to get together with the same intent. That's exactly how we've been controlled. Many of them against an unknowing population. Like Lady of Light says, "Be aware. You have to be aware".