Major Illuminati signs on a rave party?

100th Monkey

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This is creepy!

[Excuse me for my maybe horrible grammer, im not a native english speaker]

My friend kept nagging me to join him to this dance party, sure why not, long time ago since i went.

And oh my.. we walked to the stage location, and then... when i saw this stage setup... i was shocked, amazingly creepy... all those obvious symbols and no one there having any idea what it means nor even looking at it.

While everyone was drunk and having a dance party, i couldnt help but be creeped out by that symbolism.

I havent heared a single person talk about any of the symbols, no one had any idea what it was unusual and of course just danced like there was no tomorrow.

As for me, even though i was drunk i was stil kinda creeped out and i just felt controlled and stared at haha..., oh my this world is doomed..


They miss the two monarch butterfly's or monarch mind control/MK ultra mind control.

As well as the Semiramis owl Moloch/Molech?