Living Dinosaurs In Wikileaks Video And The Likouala Swamp In The Congo

Most probably is something that is not 65 million years extinct, hadn't thought about want animal it could be, could also be can't think of it off the top my head but that other species that's related to the ostrich.

It could've been also someone caught the poor bird and tied a long tail on it, then let it go. :frown:
After looking at it several more times, it looks like a half ostrich and a kangaroo, but, why is this video in black and white is. Might be a prehistoric animal, as my mind never closes to the thought of the strange and out of these world type things.
Yes it sure does. Might be legitimate I don't know if you're seeing what I'm seeing but the videos been removed. Says this content cannot be displayed in a frame, the publisher does not allow it to be displayed in a frame. Although it gives you an alternative I've never seen this before. :frown:
Living Dinosaurs In Wikileaks Video

Here is another video of a Pterodactyl, just thought I would add it to this thread.