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    Somalia: Victim of Western genocide

    The Muslim-majority Somalia has suffered from worst famine during 2010-2012 since the last 25 years. Despite early warning, the US and its allies continued their policy of sanctions and “war dog barking” against Somalia to punish its people for supporting anti-US and anti-Israel al-Shabaab...
  2. Denise

    Cancer - The Forbidden Cures - Full Documentary

    Video description:
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    Israel rejects US report on Israel-PA education

    The Zionist Education Ministry has rejected the findings of a US State Department funded study, which has claimed that the textbooks taught in Gaza and the West Bank don’t teach hatred toward Jews. The Ministry has called the report “profoundly unobjective”. The American Jewish advocacy group...
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    Khamenei: ‘Iran refuses to be blackmailed’

    On Thursday, during a meeting with an Iranian army delegation, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei commented on the latest US proposal on direct talks between Washington and Tehran, saying: “Any such negotiations accompanied with threats, pressure, and bad intentions, are meaningless”...
  5. 2

    [Update!] My friend: Back on Meds

    Well after a week and a half with no medication it really affected her this time. :frown: She has had three near falls already :frown:, just mostly going to the bathroom, I feel so inadequate, because of my heigh 4' ft 11 in and small frame, I just can't help her lift up if she does, and with...
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    [Problem!] Still having some trouble

    I think in my friends mind being without those pills for a week and half, well its all in the head as they say (before that we had to cut them in half, to stretch them out, because we figured we'd have some trouble with the dr) it's somehwat problematic now. Before she wasn't getting enough...
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    Iran-Armenia: ‘The Unkosher Alliance’

    Last week Iran received significant numbers of visitors from Israel Hasbara Committee. It began with the claim that Tehran is avoiding to meet P5+1 regarding US-Israel fears that Iran is in the process of acquiring a nuclear bomb to ‘wipe Israel off map’; followed up by the claim of a huge...
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    Atzmon: ‘Hizballah taught Israel a lesson it would never forget’

    Israel-born British writer, author, blogger and jazz-player, Gilad Atzmon, visited Lebanon on January 2013 after 30 year when he entered the country as part of invading Jewish army. He described his second visit as a spiritually transforming experience. During his stay in Lebanon, Gilad Atzmon...
  9. Y


    A new scientific study has shown that honey has special characteristics that help to defend against germs. Honey also has high capability to resistbacteria that evolved their immune systems against standard medications. Honey, in the old and modern era, has always been used as a natural medicine...
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    NYT: Ahmadinejad sacks “the only woman minister”!

    Pro-Israel New York Times did it again! On December 27, 2012, NYT foreign desk, assignment editor, Rick Gladstone (a Zionist Jew), committed another serious journalistic malpractice. He claimed that “Iranian president Ahmadinejad dismissed his health minister (Marzieh Vahid-Dastjerdi), the only...
  11. Denise

    After 2,000 Years, Scientists Learn How One Chinese Herbal Medicine Works

    Scientists in the United States on Sunday offered a molecular-level explanation for how a Chinese herbal medicine used for more than 2,000 years tackles fever and eases malaria... Read more:
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    Jews against Christians

    Zionist Mafia never misses a chance to fabricate or blow-out Muslim hatred toward Christians or Jews living in Muslim societies. However, they will never mention the ethnic-cleansing of Christian communities in Russia, Ukraine and several other Europen countries in the past plus currently in...
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    New Yorkers to elect a Lesbian Mayor

    The results of a poll released by Quinnipiac University on November 21, 2012 – predict that Christine C. Quinn, City Council Speaker is set to replace the retiring Jewish billionaire City Mayor Michael Bloomberg next year. If that happens, Christine will become the Big Apple’s first lesbian...
  14. R

    Obama’s (Jewish) woman in Tehran

    On November 5, Alex Fishman claimed at Israeli daily YNet that Barack Obama’s senior advisor, Valerie Bowman Jarrett (born 1956), is secretly assisting the US administration to communicate with the representatives of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei. Last month, The New York Times...
  15. woodfoe

    [Awesome!] Philip Schneider, killed for his talking about aliens and NWO

    Incredible story about a true patriot with top secret clearance to black projects and area 51 that was willing to lose his life to get out the truth about how the government lies to the public about almost everything. I encourage you to view all his videos and articles as this is truly...
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    America mourns shooting at Aurora theatre

    Yesterday, US president Barack Obama ordered US flags to be flown at half-mast for six days in the memory of 12 Americans killed by a fellow American at premiere of the latest Batman movie in Aurora. However, he seemed less emotional than when he heard the news of the murder of seven Israeli...
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    Israeli ‘Bouazizi’ dies

    Today, Israel Jewish protester, Moshe Silman 58, was announced dead at the Sheba Medical Center as result of self-immolation. Following in the steps of Mohammed Bouazizi, who set himself and Tunisia on fire for USrael last year. During a rally in Tel Aviv marking the first anniversary of mass...
  18. K

    Arachnoiditis—The Deep Dark Secret of the Medical System

    Arachnoiditis - The Deep Dark Secret of the Medical System This is the way Western medicine works, in a nutshell. If they can't fix it, according to them, then you're not sick. You're just imagining it. Read the whole article.
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    Israel Lobby: ‘Egyptian President denies 9/11’

    Have you ever noticed that everytime someone challenges the 9/11 ‘official story’ – Israel lobby groups get very upset? Israel-Firster Jewish writer, Ben Birnbaum, has claimed that Egypt’s newly elected President Dr. Mohamed Morsi doesn’t believe in the 9/11 ‘official story’. Birnbaum writes...
  20. T

    See in the palm of the hand

    A study confirms that the human skin, especially the hand palm, contain many kinds of germs which differs between men and women ... A study confirms that the human skin, especially the hand palm, contain many kinds of germs which differs between men and women. We might realize why Allah, the...