[Problem!] Still having some trouble


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I think in my friends mind being without those pills for a week and half, well its all in the head as they say (before that we had to cut them in half, to stretch them out, because we figured we'd have some trouble with the dr) it's somehwat problematic now. Before she wasn't getting enough sleep, and did sleep most of the day. it's put her on an odd schedule.

Now on top of that she's become picky with her eating habits, I've been able to get her to eat most of thhe time though. I think she was having the after affects of not being on those danged pills, They seem to be more powerful then the other pills she used to take, she lasted two years without them. I know alot of her problem is boredom, she used to like to read but that's fallen by the wayside in the last week.

I found an interesting looking place that might be able to help her get around. It's a nursing service, you know with the companions and what not. Well, also discovered something else we did not know, Medicare might pay for this service if we can get the dr to refer her to it. She still needs to walk more than what she's doing now. The therapist she did have was nice, too a certain extent, she did find her a bench for the bath tub and didn't charge, (probably just told the price was for gas or something) but becuse she knew they weren't getting paid anymore than what Medicare would pay her, she only concentrated on the wrist, and never bothered to help her get around. She mostly came in and sat with her computer the whole time she was here. When we thought she was going to be sued by the hospital for non-payment, (it had to go hand in hand, therapist with the social worker, she was all ready discharged and the therapist didn't want to call the social worker, we had tried and the social worker wouldn't return the call, she just gave a suggestion, I wrote to the attorney handling the case she read and signed the letter, and fortunate they didn't go any further.

So the devil is in the details, how can we get the dr to approve something when she can't get over to see the dr. oh, and as soon as she got her medication, she doesn't want the drs that make house calls in conjunction with the state. She's very stubborn in certain things.