1. Denise


    If anybody is following David here is his latest blog posting:
  2. Denise

    Bill Ballard ~ Heart Chakra Activation (Jan 6 2012)

    Bill Ballard’s Expression of personal experience (ego) jointly with messages from Higher Self The Heart Chakra activation is by far the greatest of all the Earth initiations. This is the spiritual transition from the 3-4D world into the 5th Dimension. It is the beginning step into ascended...
  3. maggador

    False Alien Beings - The Real Truth About Alien Contact

    Viewpoints, opinions and ideas regarding the issue I have come to from my own personal experience and research into the matter. This is my personal knowledge gained from that: I am here to give you some insights on the truth about what you call aliens and alien abductions. The fact of the...
  4. maggador

    [Wow!] External influences on your mind and body

    Details of unseen energies and forces Those in control are using different forms of External Influences against the population. They mainly use spiritual means such as telepathy, and implements thoughts of their own into your mind that you end up believing is your own thoughts, and so on. They...
  5. maggador

    I'm a freemason, rosicrucian, martinist and member of other orders. Ask me questions.

    Since I can't link to my own introduction thread, I will copy what I wrote about myself there and post here (says I got too few posts to post links): Hello all good to be aboard! To let you all get to know me better, I'll give you my background information so you know where I stand and where...
  6. Denise

    Meditation ~ Acharya Shree Yogeesh

  7. G

    [Info!] New Sound Frequency Strange Effect

    I'm not sure how popular the use of Brainwave Entrainment, and or Physical Body Entrainment is on this site, but I am in the science section, so i'll give it a go! This is my own personal experience that I recorded. We all know the frequency technology is getting bigger, and more commonly...
  8. maggador

    Hello, I'm Edward Alexander, occultist, mystic, life-long member of secret orders etc

    Hello all good to be aboard! To let you all get to know me better, I'll give you my background information so you know where I stand and where you got me! Last things first. For my current life, I came to this world on a January 13th, in 1981. Born in Norway, raised by parents partially...
  9. Denise

    The Law of Attraction, Belief & Conscious Creation Archangel Metatron via James Tybe

    The Law of Attraction, Belief & Conscious Creation Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn This channel is copyrighted to
  10. White Rabbit

    Non-Local Consciousness Stephan A. Schwartz on CoastoCoast 2/13/2012

    Some ketch-up with futurist Stephan A. Schwartz :thumb: *********** Non-Local Consciousness Stephan Schwartz CoastoCoast 2/13/2012 Futurist and researcher in non-local consciousness, Stephan Schwartz, discussed remote viewing, meditation, dreams and how...
  11. Denise

    SaLuSa ~ A Period of Intense Activity ~ February 13, 2012

    The pressures are mounting on the dark Ones who in recent weeks have lost so much power. They see their financial ploys failing and circumstances turning against them. The cabal have long been identified, and they are now known for what they are in their attempts to bring the world under one...
  12. Denise

    Video: Simple meditation

    This is a short introduction to the basis of meditation, some people need this help!
  13. Denise

    What Are We Creating? 2012 is here!

    Newsletter January 2012 What Are We Creating? We stand at a threshold. Behind us is all that we have known and all that we have been. In front of us is the unknown and the mystery of creation. And what are we creating? We are creating a new version, frequency or expression of the person whom we...
  14. Denise

    Saul ~ Love is Becoming Fashionable ~ John Smallman ~ January 4, 2012

    When you come together in groups to pray or meditate and you hold the intent that humanity awaken, your individual intents are very much strengthened and intensified. As the moment of awakening draws ever closer, more and more of you are doing this, and as a result the momentum carrying you...
  15. Denise

    SaLuSa ~ Permanently Move Into the Light ~ December 23, 2011

    You want to see evidence of the progress we have made, and that is understandable after patiently waiting for quite a long time for something that indicates the stage that events have reached. That type of proof is only known by those actively involved who are of course our allies, that you will...
  16. Denise

    Matthew Message December 9, 2011 Christmas message 1.This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. Each year this season in your world is especially emotional, when the fortunate could look forward to exchanging gifts, decorating homes...
  17. Denise

    The Law of Attraction - Part 3 Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

    The Law of Attraction - Part Three The Law of Belief & Law of Conscious Creation Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn Greetings Masters ! Dear Ones, there is the science behind the Law of Attraction, and that science is the Law of Belief. The Law of Belief governs what you create in your...
  18. 100th Monkey

    Beyond Belief - Jesus trained and died in India, he emphasized meditation and taught reincarnation

    From the author: Jesus trained in India, taught meditation and reincarnation and died in India. This film provides a compelling case for this viewpoint using historical and anecdotal evidence to support these claims but the centerpiece to the argument made in Beyond Belief is the Gospel of...
  19. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Mass Fleet filmed over Japan November 2011

    This came from ECETI News: We have been doing livestream meditations invoking help for Japan along with friends like Kan and other monks. Looks like it arrived. I was told tyranny and the unbridled greed is coming to a close. It is to destructive and will destroy the entire civilization and...
  20. Denise

    Wanderer of The Skies ~ Divine Plan is Already Underway ~ November 19, 2011

    Wanderer of The Skies Greetings from the Federation: Today we speak of the Disclosure plan unfolding in your world. Two leaders of your cabal, key members of a control group responsible for the false flag operations that would seek to undermine our disclosure to you, have...