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Hello all good to be aboard! To let you all get to know me better, I'll give you my background information so you know where I stand and where you got me!

Last things first. For my current life, I came to this world on a January 13th, in 1981. Born in Norway, raised by parents partially involved with the governments and partially with the occult and secret orders.

Because of that I had a foot into both these circles from a very early age, my father introducing me to the occult, magic, the esoteric and secret orders – my mother taking me along to the military bases she worked at, introducing me to what they did, people there, and as a result got me exposed to certain secret military and governmental programs and projects.

I would like to briefly note that it was not by coincidence I was born into that family, with those parents, being able to get an early introduction to such matters. Not even the date of my birth is accidental, random or coincidence. This had all been planned long time ago, something I will get into a bit later in this background information.

Regardless, as time passed on, my father passed away. This was a critical point in my life, mentally and spiritually, as well as far as my interests and focus went. He was at the time the Grandmaster of a smaller secret order operating in Europe with its headquarter or “grand lodge” situated in Norway. I succeeded him and became the next Grandmaster of that order, and thus got a stronger familiarity and involvement with the occult, esoteric, other secret orders and societies, peoples connected to such as well as the work various members of these orders were affiliated with.

Around the same time I also started to get stronger contacts within the governments and agencies connected to the governments, becoming friends with people in very high positions both there as well as in other types of work and activities, this also being a result as well from my own membership in several secret orders and societies.

In those days – and still today – I studied a lot of spiritual practices and esoteric, occult and magical work on my own outside of my membership in orders and societies. That is something I had been doing from earlier on in either case, since a young child such things had fascinated me and I always had been searching for the “truth” and experimenting, practising and trying out all sorts of spiritual systems, practices, experiences and so on to gain some insights, understanding and knowledge.

Thanks to various individuals and teachings obtained from my membership in various orders and societies, my spiritual practices started to get more focused on something more tangible and truly applicable compared to the vast amounts of spiritual practices, systems, beliefs, and so on out there.

Saying “individuals”, I do not only speak of actual physical persons, but also what you could call astral entities, angels, spirit guides, guardian angels, or whatever term you would like to put upon such entities. These started to guide me and teach me, show me the way, let me see what really worked as far as exercises and practices goes, so that I could indeed start to have true profound spiritual experiences, insights, knowledge and understanding.

After time I developed several of my own systems, that for the lack of better terms just “came to me” so to speak, and I still work with these systems and have great success with them.

During those years, I also started having “odd” experiences in my daily life. At the time not completely understanding what it was, or meant, it did sometimes scare me. Some examples includes the sightings of several UFOs at different occasions, with different people – another examples strange “manifestations” of peculiar objects in my house, as silly as it may sound one of the most common such objects was a tiny drinking cup of metal not bigger than a centimeter. I collected this object, it appeared several times, so I had a small amount of them in a drawer. Then I also had the strange times where electronics would turn themselves on in the middle of the night on their own, from computers to video cameras. And a very strong and emotional experience to me was a spontaneous out of body experience, or rather a sleep paralysis, accompanied with strange buzzing sounds and the feeling of a presence behind me, at the time I thought it was an alien abduction and it was years later I understood what it truly had been.

Then started the memories of past lives. Which leads me to the Beginning.

The Beginning was a backwards process, as I obviously started with the memories of “this” life as everyone else. But at some point, sudden visions and memories of past events from other lifetimes started to emerge into my mind and consciousness. These seemed random at first, and were not very detailed, only a few short memories of specific events in previous lifetimes such as my own deaths and few moments of memories leading up to those points of death in those lifetimes.

Such memories took place both in rather recent past, but also very distant past, spanning over thousands of years, not only on Earth but also other planets both in this solar system as well as other places in the universe.

Through systems I developed, I managed to regain more and more memories and details of those past lives, doing past life regressions on myself through meditations and a form of self-hypnosis and “inner vision quests”.

My work with astral projection and out of body experiences also helped greatly here as that would make me able to more clearly visit specific times and places both of my own past lives as well as simply to explore the various aspects of the Universe, Existence and the Mind.

Some of the techniques I used were also, and still are, employed by the governments and secret societies and orders, and various people and individuals I know. I myself have taken part of such practices within these organizations and I have been doing various assignments and missions both for them and others, relating not only to astral projection but also other type of work and involvement from various psychic work to involvement with secret technology such as mind control, teleportation portals and time travel, UFO and alien related events and much more.

As some point I got too involved and got into trouble since I got contacts sharing a bit too much information with me, that I in turn started to share with others. I also started to share my own experiences and discoveries with others, which eventually led to a total attack on my persona by governments and other institutions which went as far that I had to leave my home country because of sharing truth and secret agendas with the public. For the last close to 6 years now I have been living in exile in South America, and I have been tried shut down in numerous ways throughout the years – but I am still standing, and still telling my story.

I feel this is enough as far as my background goes, and the most important matters have been mentioned and trivial things about my life left out as it is the more “uncommon” matters that are of importance here.

Cheers and hello to all!

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First off, WOW! And WELCOME! Absolutely fantastic to have you here at my site. I look forward to future posts and conversations with you! WOW!

I can't help but feel honored to have you here.

Welcome aboard! :)

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Thanks, I'll be glad to share what I know, my experiences, what I've seen, observed and the insights, understanding and its implications I've gained from my background.

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Hello and welcome to the site! Nice to see a new face, looks like you have lots of interesting things to say...and judging by your background you have see a lot. I look forward to your insights ;)

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Great intro! That is one of the most detailed hellos I have ever seen. I'm curious to what your secret orders intended mission or purpose was?


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Hello. Great to have someone like you here to talk to about the occult and such. I can't wait for talks about the secret societies and orders.


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Ok started some threads, had to copy this first post from here into my first main thread since I can't link yet because of too few posts.


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In any case, please ask questions in the other thread in the Secret Societies section and not here since this is just an introduction and hello here I am thread.



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