Bill Ballard’s Expression of personal experience (ego) jointly with messages from Higher Self

The Heart Chakra activation is by far the greatest of all the Earth initiations. This is the spiritual transition from the 3-4D world into the 5th Dimension. It is the beginning step into ascended mastery, which, when taken and anchored, makes the individual a beginner ascended master.

It marks the transition from the exterior world of ego ~ fear ~ (head) into the interior world of love ~ trust ~ (heart), which is a never-ending and eternal journey into who you truly are.

I have channeled other messages from my Higher Self (which in truth I now embody). But to explain the journey of my transition and transfiguration I must return to a personal experience I had. I am in “both worlds” as I tell this experience, as it does require me to return to a time when I was in my state of change.

As I look back to what happened to me I now realize that from each stage of my development I see things from my past in different ways, understanding more of the experience as I grow. This allows me to describe what it was in many different ways, and in ways I did not see even a year ago.

Also, there are many persons activating their heart chakras now, and each has a different story. I am quite sure the old statement is true, that there are as many different ways to activate – climbing that stairway to heaven – as there are pilgrims that are, have ever been or will ever be on the path. But for certain, everyone on the way back home will go through their individual process.

Activating one’s heart chakra is the beginning of a sensation of perpetual bliss. It is the activation of that little flame of spirit in one’s heart, which we each have, into a small nuclear power plant, radiating light, or energy to the world, universe and everything else in existence.

You become an energy bearer when you have reached this stage of ascension. You affect not only your life but the vibration of all existence. You step into the role of a conscious creator, never to return to the 3D. You realize the game and your connection to Source as being within yourself. From that point, you find all existence is within one’s self. The exterior world may be a trigger but the answers you discover lie within.

The way I activated my heart chakra was through being in love. I had a wonderful relationship that broke down the wall of emotions I had built up around my heart. I was triggered into activation by the love I shared with who I was told was my twin flame. We went our separate ways after our contract was fulfilled. During our time together we had different experiences to feed our mutual soul.

Twin Flames are not necessarily supposed to remain together unless they choose the same path. What many people don’t realize about falling in love is what is actually happening. I will do my best to explain.

Falling in love is actually an external trigger experienced with another which allows one’s heart to experience a love for self. That exterior trigger if not turned within causes one to fall out of love (the heart), back into the 3-4D of ego and head. Love is lost as it moves from the heart space into the head. Although the shift from heart to head is “up” it is, in reality, a falling in vibration.

The fall of Atlantis and the human species was a fall in vibration. Ascension is a lifting up of vibration. The key to activation of one’s heart – using “being in love” as a trigger – is to realize that the interaction with another person is that of allowing an individual to love him/herself. Does that make sense? One is using another to open the self up.

If two persons continue on the same path then they may use each other to further their personal activations. But if they split apart and go their separate ways, if the vibration is remembered, and that is what love is – a vibration – then it can be used to further activate the heart chakra.

In reality anything can be used to trigger this vibration. A memory can work. Love for your children, God, Nature, a pet, or even yourself. But as love for self is the ultimate goal there are different types of love for self. If it is ego or vanity based in the head then that will not work.

I guess I should explain here that there are two ways to love, one from the head (lust, need and necessity) and the other the true way – from the heart. Most persons having an Earth experience love from the head. They desire love to replace other things that are missing in their life.

To love from the heart, even when there is no external trigger, simply focus on your heart and you will experience that higher vibration of love, that feeling of pure bliss. When you focus that vibration in your heart for a period of time the heart chakra activates. A sensation of pure ecstasy begins that signals the activation of the heart chakra.

I have told others it felt as if I had birthed a little sun where my heart used to be. I have stated it is like a small nuclear power plant. Others laughed as I described it as a perpetual cosmic orgasm, which, as I look back is a pretty good description. But that is only the beginning as sooner or later, all other chakras will activate, and that cosmic orgasm grows to ever higher intensities of sensation. Activation of the heart chakra is only the beginning.

Now there is a process you follow as you learn to move your focus from your head to your heart. Those who meditate may know that sacred place in the heart called the heart of hearts. Behind the heart is a doorway to the universe you see on the outside. You go in to get out, if that makes sense. What I wish to express here is that even without being in love with another you can trigger the activation a different way. In meditation you can find that sacred place in the heart by shifting your consciousness to your heart.

When your consciousness hits that “sacred heart” you will feel your heart flutter. It may skip a beat. You may feel an instant rise in your physical frequency or a sensation of ecstasy. It may even frighten a beginner as this is such an unusual sensation when it occurs. The key is finding that place and learning how to remain centered and focused there. The same feeling occurs when you use your love for another to flip that switch.

There is a switch in that sacred spot of the heart. What you have to do is to turn that switch on. Feeling love, remaining focused on that spot, is the priming of the pump. You are putting fuel into the carburetor to fire up the engine for the first time. Really it is not your first time. When you do this you have memories of home, of what it is to truly be in the higher dimensions from whence you came.

There is a sensation of feeling drugged when you truly connect with source. In years past it was said by many that this sensation could not be permanent, but get over that. It can be and that is what we are here to do if you desire mastery! It is only the beginning and whatever speed you choose to elevate your consciousness from that point is up to you. How quickly or slowly you progress relates to the amount of time you put into your heart-centered focus and intent.

As I look back on this life I see many persons looking for a way out – doing drugs, drinking, smoking or using others to make themselves feel good. They were actually looking for this sensation found inside when you finally activate your chakras.

Drugs and peoples searching for answers there, brings the same sensations you can have permanently as you do your work. IT IS HOME! We all had the memories of home, the connection though activation, but were looking for it from an external source, from the illusion rather than the truth. The truth is only found within.

All exterior is the illusion created from within. People, you create your own reality by your thought and emotion. Ascended Mastery is the mastery of the vibrations which create the illusion from within your own self. Do you get that? You ARE the creator of your illusion! Ascended Mastery is the activation of your energy body to give more power to the creation of your illusion! Simple and Easy!

Turning inside is key. When you finally realize your exterior illusion is a direct result of your interior reality, and then the only way to proceed is to go ever inside, deeper into that which is what you truly are, an eternal being of consciousness, of vibration and follow that cord back upward, ascending homeward to source. From that source point is where you are connected to All That IS, every atom and its components in all of existence. All of existence will work with you in harmony as you master the vibrations and ask it to join you.

That IS manifestation. Mastery of the vibrations around you and the creation of exactly that you wish to manifest is what we do. Being awake and knowing how it works, consciously co creating is the path of the ascended master. Whether you realize it or not now, we ALL are going down this path.

Everything in existence is vibration, Holy Spirit, and all is working its own way back to source having experiences and feeding the Akash or Mind of God. Okay, so back to Heart Chakra Activation, first you must focus on the love, or that sacred spot in the heart until you feel the sensation of bliss occur. Then an initiate must learn to maintain that focus for a period of time, dedicating himself TO HIMSELF.

Remember you are God in training! I AM THAT I AM! Get it? When you realize that inside is the only reality, and that is what creates the external world, then why focus anymore on the external as the internal is the creation. Meditation becomes 24/7 as you turn inside. Meditation is devoting time to source, which is only found inside! When you focus on this inside for periods of time, consciousness expands and the encodings unlock. Key is devotion to doing this. Why do anything else? All else is the illusion! See?


The heart chakra will activate sooner or later. In years past because of the lower frequency of Mother Earth and humanity it took longer periods of time to accomplish this activation. The ones you think of as Ascended Masters, in the higher dimensions (and many of them are here and incarnate now showing humanity how to go through the process), they may have spent a whole lifetime in those lower dense vibrations to activate their chakras.

When they did, they could no longer remain in the 3rd dimensional world as their vibrations were too high. The stories of them lifting off planet, physical ascension, are common in all holy books. Now as Earth is vibrating faster those doing this can remain.

Actually at the 6th initiation, which is activation of all original 7 chakras inside the physical body, you do have a choice to leave planet. All of us doing this process at this time are asked to please remain as we are the conduits for channeling these energies into Mother Earth and we are the cause for the raising or the vibrations ascending humanity. This is how we are of service. So, when that sacred switch is found and turned on within the sacred heart spot and the chakra activates one must make it permanent.

All chakra activations and higher downloads once initiation is taken and it is initiated into the physical body, that activation must be “anchored” to make it permanent. All this is to remain focused on that higher vibration or energy swirling around in whatever chakra is being activated for an even longer period of time. Sooner or later it will become permanent.

For those of us who were doing this in the most dense of vibrations before Earth was aligned with Galactic Center as she now is, this took long periods of time. In lifetimes past, this would take a whole lifetime to activate one chakra.

Since the Harmonic Convergence and Earth and humanities entry into the 4th dimension with the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, attuning the planets vibrations, and then the later Opening of the 11:11 Doorway which made the planets and humanities frequencies increase, the time it takes to activate ones chakras, and go through the ascended mastery initiations has been made far less.

What took a lifetime before 1992, after took a few years.It took me years to activate my heart chakra, having to relearn, or remember the dismembered process encoded into my being. I spent from the late 1980s, sidelined by events that shifted me from heart centered prior back to head focused.

It was a back and forth volley for me for about 15 years or so. I did not remember what it was and how to do what I explain to you here. I pass on my understandings so you get it more easily and in so doing, we change humanity ascending all who will awaken and see the truth. Together we are not only ascending Mother Earth, or humanity, but we are ascending the Entire Universe.

Boy, I wish you could see the BIG PICTURE of the Divine Plan from my point of view. WE are doing this!What took me years to accomplish I am watching others newly awakening do in months. I am seeing those who were totally asleep in 2009 waking to what is going on around them, shift their focus inward, activating themselves and going through this process in a year, or less. But there is far more to go through in this ascension.

There is on a universal level more than 350 initiations of activations we go through in our training to become a Creator God finding our way back to Source ourselves. Heart chakra activation is only #5, entry into the 5th dimension, and the end of the karmic cycle of life and death. It begins the transfiguration process as the light, energy, prana, life force transforms the physical body. But the transfiguration takes time.


This LIGHT or energy is VERY potent! That is what all that is, is composed of. You are becoming a generator of your own light. At first, when you go through the process, you will be sent light to aid you from the Universe, Ascended Masters, Archangels, your Guides, Your Higher Self, Soul Monad or so on. As you go through this process, it is like walking and you are not held so much by these adults. They remove their aid to you, letting you walk on your own. It is all a process.

So somewhere between the 6th initiation of activation of the 7 original chakras, and the 7th initiation which is the 7 higher chakra downloads of those 7 original chakras, the activation of the Ascension Chakra, and the turning of the chakras which are 90 degrees to your Antakarana or Life Cord to a vertical position forming the Ascension column, about that time, you are on your own in creating your own light. You are learning to walk.

The Heart Chakra Activation is only the very beginning initiation into Ascended Mastery. You are a Baby Ascended Master when you activate your heart chakra. You are just being born into the Divine. Just like all other adults, we LOVE seeing new babies coming into the universe helping to expand creation! We send you love and gratitude for your decision to awake your divine consciousness and for your focus and shift to a higher way of being. WE are so very grateful for your Ascension from the illusion into true reality.

As people do this in numbers we shift or ascend our universe. 2012 is upon us now. The first mass wave of those taking the 5th initiation on Earth was in late 2009. So much has occurred in the vibrational shift of Earth and humanity since then. That first wave, which took about 8000 persons on the planet activating sent out ripples into all of humanity and began the process of Earth/Humanities Ascension in earnest.

Really this has been going on for thousands of years building to this point, but it is that activation of so many persons incarnate into these lower frequencies, by their activation and raising themselves into the higher frequencies that has begun the ascension of Mother Earth and mass ascension of Humanity. The more people join in, the greater the wave.

The second wave occurred in spring to summer of 2010 in the middle of the Gulf Oil Spill, BPs Bottomless Pit, of Revelations 9 or the Hopi 7th sign of their prophecy. As that event happened it activated hundreds of thousands of persons globally. By summer of 2011 the ripples of those activated now had caused tens of millions of persons to activate.

As we enter the time of 2012 and the End of the Great Awakening has completed, and the 11:11 Doorway has closed, there is one final mass group of humanity choosing the light, spirit, ascension that will go through this process. It takes time, although much quicker than has ever been before in the history of Earth.

Transfiguration of the physical being cannot be done in an instant. What is occurring within is like being put inside a pot of water that is comfortably warm as you get in, but it is increasing to the point of boiling as vibration and spirit increases. If you do this from a position of comfort, in slower vibration as you enter the water, it is comfortable. Mother Earth is raising her vibration as more of us light up.

Soon it will be uncomfortable for all those who are not joining. Many of us said years ago, that 2012 will be the culling of those choosing ascension and those choosing to remain in karmic 3-4D worlds. There is a separation, and those remaining as Earth ascends will not be able to go with her.

They will continue on their choice of the cycles of life death and karma until another cycle of ascension comes for them. But it will not be here. 2012 is the time of the culling.When one understands that life is nothing but a learning experience of mastery for the soul, and one is the soul and that the soul is eternal, then that individual can release attachment to those around them. They realize the soul they know as their parent, child, brother, sister or friends, is only in this incarnational illusion. We have all been these things to each other.

We have all been male or female in our experiences on Earth to gain the mastery we now realize. If a soul is not complete with that experience of their own mastery, it is not a bad thing for these other souls you love as your parents, spouses, children (who are now all of higher vibration) or friends to choose to remain in the lower vibrations for that souls further 3-4th dimensional experiences.

We all come in and out of this cycle for these experiences. When the soul has completed the experience, at the next cycles of ascension, as we are now in, awareness’s will be made to the incarnate soul that another graduation period begins. They have choice to remain in the illusion or raise their consciousness for ascension.

Right now is such a time of choice. This is the final group to go through this process, and is the greatest mass of humanity to ever go through this process as one time. Before 2009, in all of Earth’s cycle of the previous worlds, it is said that with the other “mass ascensions” there have been only 8000 that have mastered and completed the process. There are literally tens of millions now.

This is what is ascending the universe, as we each are ambassadors representing the ET civilizations also ascending though our experiences. EVERYONE here on Earth at this time is the representative of their Star Families. I hope you realize the importance of the choice we each have to make of our own personal ascension, because of that. But, the civilization you represent does not have to remain in the lower vibrations if you chose to do so yourself. All is a personal choice for each individual. You are ALL Creator Gods of your life!

With Unconditional Love for All That IS.

Bill Ballard 1/6/2012

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