1. Denise

    Live Blood cell Analysis of Smart Meter Radiation Effects

    This video shows us what 'Smart' meters do to your blood cells. Live Blood Analysis - Observable Effects of RF/MW Radiation via Smart Meters Published on Aug 22, 2013
  2. New UFO Hunter

    US Navy Sub Fleet - USO travelling at 150 knots 20000 feet under water - multiple sonar data - 1963

    To give some examples of todays submarine capabilities check out the following data; World War II German U-boats had estimated collapse depths of 200 to 280 metres or 660 to 920 feet. Collapse Depth of a Type XXIII U-Boat is 180 meters or 591 feet with a max speed of 9.7 knots surfaced and...
  3. Denise

    Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt - The Health Crisis Of Our Time, Smart Meters EMR

    As stated by Dr. Dietrich (and others) Electromagnetic Radiation(EMR) is the single most danger to our overall health today. Research has shown that long-term diseases are quickly growing ever since the release of WiFi cell-phones, and smart meters. Throughout this YouTube video, Dr Dietrich...
  4. Truth Vibrations

    Fireball Lights Up Northern California Skies: Reports

    It's really starting to look like the sky is falling. According to media reports, a fireball streaked through the skies above California's Bay Area Friday evening (Feb. 15), just hours after another bright meteor exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk and a 150-foot-wide (45 meters)...
  5. 100th Monkey

    Smart meters are dangerous - higher human pulse

    Plus a lot more. Just Google "Smart meters'' Apparently it is possible to opt out!
  6. New UFO Hunter

    UFO found in the Baltic Sea?

    A group called Ocean explorers have found a huge,round circle, at 87 meters depth in the Baltic Sea.between Sweden and Finland. The object is about 60 meters in diam. Groupleader Peter Lindberg says the absolute round shape makes it a very unique. Beside the round object,is a 300 meters...
  7. R

    Senate shall decide on 'smart meters' again

    Senate shall decide on 'smart meters' again NL USA Wednesday, April 1, 2009 The Senate has not approved the introduction of the so-called 'smart' energy meters. There are many objections to the new digital meters that everyone would be. Objectors of the 'smart' energy meters commit an...
  8. R

    Objectors' smart 'energy meters risk imprisonment

    Objectors' smart 'energy meters risk imprisonment Saturday, March 28, 2009 Objectors' smart 'energy meters commit an economic crime where more than half years imprisonment on it. Tuesday, March 31 will be voted on the bills, so the EK letter and make sure as many people as possible to be...