Senate shall decide on 'smart meters' again


Senate shall decide on 'smart meters' again NL USA
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Senate has not approved the introduction of the so-called 'smart' energy meters. There are many objections to the new digital meters that everyone would be. Objectors of the 'smart' energy meters commit an economic crime where more than half years imprisonment on it.

The government wants everyone in the foreseeable future, a digital gas and electricity meter in his house that the energy consumption of a household much more accurate than keeps happening. The new meters will no longer be read by inspectors, but to send itself to blow oat data.

The purpose of the energy meters. If consumers know how much energy they consume, they can also easily save energy.

Consumentenbond has major objections to the new digital meters. Research that has Consumentenbond run by The University of Tilburg show that the energy meters a great infringement on the privacy of consumers.

Because the smart metering data on electricity consumption each quarter and for gas every hour forward, the energy company will know exactly when someone is at home and when he is on holiday, the energy company will also know what type of device a person in the house and whether at the beginning or the end of their life are.

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SP-senator Geert Reuten urged his fellow Upper House members Tuesday, in a document submitted in the Financial Dagblad to the introduction of smart energy meters to vote. In addition to the privacy problem Reuten pointed out in this piece that the sin is the current meters, which more than 30 years, to replace meters that only 10 to 15 years. According Reuten use the smart meters themselves also generate electricity.

Who but prefer not smart meter in his house is, however, is under Reuten disappointed. Objectors is a penalty of up to half year over the head.

The Lower House voted in July last year with the introduction of smart meters. The Senate next Tuesday to talk about the meters. In preparation for that debate, the Senate Minister Van der Hoeven asked for a letter they all objections Consumentenbond effect. Barbara Nieuwenhuijsen

In the U.S., they also introduce smart energy meters
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The proposals for the introduction of smart meters for energy goes against my fundamental rights to freedom and a peaceful family life and introduce a completely unnecessary risk to my safety. Therefore, I believe that government should oblige me never to accept registration of my energy with "smart" energy meters.

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