1. R

    India’s cursed female population

    India may have joined the G20 but its treatment of female population is at the bottom of the G20 nations. ”It’s a miracle a woman survives in India. Even before she is born, she is at risk of being aborted due to our obsession for sons. As a child, she faces abuse, rape and early marriage and...
  2. R

    Pat. Buchanan: US is on the wrong side in Egypt

    The Jewish Lobby usually loves White Christian conservatives - but Patrick J. Buchanan is exception to that rule. Last year, the Lobby declared him a “Jew-hater” for claiming in an interview he gave to Russian Television (RT) that “Israel with 300 nuclear bombs is naturally greater threat to...
  3. Boiling Frog

    WALTER BURIEN: Response to: Michigan AG Challenges Judge's Ruling on Detroit Bankruptcy Unconstitutional

    The CAFR Swindle - The Biggest Game In Town Government Will Not Save You From Corporations In response to: Michigan AG challenges judge’s ruling that Detroit bankruptcy is unconstitutional by Walter Burien Posted on July 21, 2013 CAFR1.com Keywords: Detroit Bankruptcy, Michigan...
  4. longhorn

    The "Gold Standard" Depopulation Genocide Program

    The Gold Standard Genocide Program May 13, 2013 Concern about overpopulation is ancient. Tertullian was a resident of the city of in the second century CE, when the population of the world was about 190 million (only three to four percent of what it is today). He notably said: "What most...
  5. 100th Monkey

    High Ranking US Major General Exposes September 11 High

    Video info:
  6. 100th Monkey

    Henry Kissinger's 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide

    Just wanted to share this: 'On Dec. 10, 1974, the U.S. National Security Council under Henry Kissinger completed a classified 200-page study, "National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests." The study falsely...
  7. 100th Monkey

    SHADE - The Motion Picture -- Coming this Winter

    Alex Jones touch on most of this stuff years ago, but who know maybe this will have some new information. Uploader said:
  8. Lady of Light

    Official Hearing on Population Studies (OSCE)

  9. M

    Overpopulation may be as much of a threat as global warming.

    Killing of millions of people is certainly not an answer, but the population growth should be controlled. By 2050 the worlds population will be around 9 billion. Feeding almost 7 billion people today is no easy task, add to that another 2 billion and you have a problem. The even bigger problem...
  10. Unhypnotized

    Eugenics Alert: UN’s Agenda of Population Control Accelerating

    Jurriaan Maessen Prisonplanet.com July 18, 2010 As we know, the globalists endeavor to “even the odds” in the world through the concept of wealth redistribution. Simply put, richer nations should freely bleed some of their wealth for absorption into the soil of poorer ones. Sounds reasonable to...
  11. CASPER

    Chem Trails NWO Controlling the Population?

  12. R

    UK population must fall to 30m, says Porritt

    March 24th, 2009 in Breaking News UK population must fall to 30m, says Porritt - Times Online. JONATHON PORRITT, one of Gordon Brown’s leading green advisers, is to warn that Britain must drastically reduce its population if it is to build a sustainable society. Porritt’s call will come at...
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