Pat. Buchanan: US is on the wrong side in Egypt


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The Jewish Lobby usually loves White Christian conservatives - but Patrick J. Buchanan is exception to that rule. Last year, the Lobby declared him a “Jew-hater” for claiming in an interview he gave to Russian Television (RT) that “Israel with 300 nuclear bombs is naturally greater threat to United States than Iran which has no nuclear bomb“.

On August 20, 2013, in an article, entitled Who Owns the Future, Buchanan claims that by supporting the military junta in Egypt, the United States is jeopardizing the Christians and American interests in the Muslim world. He is right in believing that Washington expects that the US-Israel trained generals would be more reliable than the democratically elected Dr. Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood supporters in looking after US-Israel interests in the region.

“For it is (Generals) they who bottle up Hamas in Gaza, battle al-Qaida in Sinai, protect the Christian Copts, grant our Air Force overflight rights and our Navy first-in-line transit rights through the Suez Canal. And it is the generals who continue to honor the terms of the Camp David accords. Understandably, Israeli diplomats are imploring us, the slaughter aside, not to cut our ties to the Egyptian military. Yet it is hard to believe the long-term future belongs to the generals,” says Buchanan.

The Associated Press reported on July 9, 2013: “The powerful pro-Israel lobby AIPAC has stressed that while Morsi was “surprisingly compliant” to Israel, of paramount importance now is preventing extremists from using Egypt’s turmoil to carry out attacks or smuggle arms into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.”

Buchanan, who is well-known for bigotry toward Muslims and non-White immigrants, repeats Zionists’ distorted history of Muslims, especially in the Europe and the persecution of Christian and Jewish subjects. He claims that in the very near future, the Christian minority will be wiped out from the Muslim lands as the Jewish minority was expelled in the past.

“And as the Jews have been expelled from the Arab world, today it is the turn of the Christians. And after the Jews and Christians are gone, it is likely to be the turn of the Americans,” claims Buchanan.

No Arab or non-Arab Muslim country ever expelled Jews based on their religion – while the Europeans have the record of expelling Jewish minorities 108 times in the past. Muslim minority after ruling Spain (711-1492 CE) was totally wiped out by Christian Crusaders in such a way that no Muslim lived in Spain for the next 500 years. Arab Muslims ruled Sicily for over a century – but you cannot find a single Native Muslim there. Ottoman Muslims ruled Greece for 350 year – but no mosque or cementery has been spared by Christians for 700,000 Muslims living in Athens. Bulgaria was under Ottoman rule for nearly 300 year, but the local White Muslim minority is persecuted and forced to adopt Slavic names instead of Muslim names. Muslim minority ruling class met a similar fate in Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro.

Jewish communities were never expelled from Muslim nation-states. They fled to newly created state of Israel or some western countries as result of Zionist terrorism. Naeim Giladi, former member of a Jewish terrorist group in Iraq, tells the story of mass exodus of Iraqi Jews. Jewish communities still exist in Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, Albania, Turkey, etc. According to the American Jewish scholar Arnold Reisman, Ph.D, Turkey actually did more to save Jewish lives during the Holocaust than the United States and the United Kingdom.

Buchanan, like other western pro-Israel White Supremacists, such as, the English Defense League, Geert Wilder, Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz, Robert Spencer, Pat Robertson, Steven Emerson, John Hagee, Terry Jones of “burn, burn, burn Holy Qur’an fame, etc., also parrot the myth of Muslim communities over-running the western countries as result of immigration and higher birthrates.

“Western peoples are dying, as Muslim populations are exploding and Muslim migrants are pouring into Europe and the United States,” says Buchanan.

Toronto daily The Globe and Mail, considered “unfriendly” by Canada’s largest Muslim minority, debunked myth of Muslims taking over the West by population in its August 26, 2012 issue, as follows:

Myth #1: The Muslim population in the West is growing fast and will soon become a majority in Europe – and a major presence in other parts of the world.

The facts: Muslim population in 2012, proportionate to total population

■Europe: 44 million (6 per cent)
■United States: 2.6 million (0.8 per cent). BTW: According to Muslims sources, the US Muslim population including the local Afro-American and other converts, is over 7 million.
■Canada: 940,000 (2.8 per cent).
The facts: Muslim population in 2030, proportionate to total population

■Europe (including Russia): 58 million (8 per cent )
■United States:6.2 million (1.7 per cent)
■Canada:2.7 million (6.6 per cent).
Myth #2: Islamic beliefs lead to higher birth rates.

The facts: Fertility rates across Muslim-majority countries

■1995: 4.3 children per family
■2010: 2.9 children per family
■2035: 2.3 children per family
The facts: Muslim birth rates in:

■Iran: 1.7 children
■Turkey:2.15 children
■United Arab Emirates: 1.9 children
■Lebanon:1.86 children.

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