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  1. Unhypnotized

    TheAntiTerrorist on Dealing with the Police- Addendum-Part 1

    08-06-2010 03:50 AM Link to Part 2 Link to Part 3
  2. Unhypnotized

    Man Successfully Fights Unlawful Council Tax In UK

    TPUC Thursday, March 18, 2010 This is taken from OK – so now the cracks are really beginning to appear. I am indebted to my good friend and fellow Freeman on the land, for allowing me to use his documentation for this:- Let me fill you in on the background so you have the case...
  3. Rumas

    A tribute to Robert-Arthur: Menard Freeman-on-the-Land

    There is only 3 ways to break the law: 1) Harm another human being 2) Damage someone else property 3) Use fraud or mischief in your contracts That's the only way to break the law! If asked for ID, ask this: Are you willing to claim under full commercial liability that I have an obligation to...
  4. Rumas

    Claim of Right on Security of the Person Stock in the Corporation of Canada

    How to claim your person stock created at your live birth. You would think that once born your Registered birth would go to the Census Bureau, but the first place it stops is at the Treasury so they can set a bond up in your name and generate millions of dollars of revenue in your name for THEM...
  5. Rumas

    John Harris - It's an illusion: 2009 (Video)

    John Harris - It's an illusion | eyePlayer Video information: More information on becoming a freeman. John Harris provides clear and easy to understand information on the illusion the people of the world are trapped in to. If you watch the Robert: Menard videos this will all seem...
  6. R

    (LAW) request RCMP to investigate George W. Bush for War Crimes

    Lawyers Against the War (LAW) request RCMP to investigate George W. Bush for War Crimes W is reported to be planning to visit Calgary, Alberta on or before March 17, 2009 by Lawyers against the War Global Research, March 11, 2009 LAW sent the attached letter today to the RCMP War Crimes...
  7. Lady of Light

    Freeman Info

    Anyone looking to start into this information should start with anything by Robert-Arthur: Menard as well as the free ebook by Mary-Elizabeth: Croft. Lots of information on how to fight tickets, as well as claiming back ownership of yourself and your children, also how to get rid of credit card...
  8. Rumas

    With Lawful Excuse - Robert-Arthur: Menard Freeman-on-the-land Robert-Arthur: Menard 2007 Seminar Ontario, Canada Focus is on Student Loans and Using a Claim of Right as a lawful excuse. ThinkFREE is dedicated to helping achieve a...
  9. Rumas

    Think Free : Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception - Robert-Arthur:Menard Robert-Arthur:Menard gives a seminar on The Illusion of the Person, what Words in Law mean, Consent, Acceptance, Honor & Dishonour, Bills of Exchange, and more...
  10. Rumas

    Demockery - Robert-Arthur: Menard

    From Freeman-on-the-Land Robert-Arthur: Menard An examination of de facto power, TASER usage, obstruction of justice and our remedy against a growing police state
  11. Rumas

    Security Of The Person Small - Robert-Arthur: Menard The New work from Freeman-on-the-Land Arthur:Robert Menard examines the meaning of the term security of the person and how it relates to your relationship with the government...
  12. Rumas

    ThinkFree Presents - The Magnificent Deception - Robert-Arthur: Menard

    ThinkFree Presents : The Magnificent Deception and DivergentFilms brings you the limited edition version of The Magnificent Deception, Rob Menard's newest video on the concepts of Freedom, Law, and Commerce, and how they relate to Persons, Humans, and Freesouls-On-Land. This is...