1845 journal predicted "cold period" in 2011


"In the present year, 1845, the descendants of the new colonists are enjoying the most congenial climate of which their latitude admits, the pole being distant to 90 degrees to the west, and the line of maximum declination in their midst. Their next cold period will be in the year 2011 1-2 when the pole will be 180 degrees west, coincident with their meridian of longitude as it was in 1345 1-2, but the cold will be less intense than it was in 1678 1-2, when its effects were so destructive and exterminating, because it will then be more distant from them in latitude, by the whole diameter of the arctic circle, or 46 degrees, 56 minutes; and this truly awful and intolerable epoch of maximum cold will not return to them until the year 2344 1-2, or 666 years from the year 1678 1-2, when the pole will again be present in all its horrors."

This statement relates to Greenland.