19 Kids and Counting


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Watched the premiered of their latest special. Which was all how about this.

How likely or unlikely will Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar go for #20 or more after that until she reaches menopause? Especially, with what happen to Michelle and their latest kid (daughter). At the same time others whom are like them as well. What are the risks to her and baby/ies if she becomes pregnant again? Why didn't they elect to have her reproductive parts removed or at least have her tubes together. That goes for Jim Bob to get whatever men get done for that purpose or whatever called. How about for Jim Bob and Michelle oldest Josh and his wife Anna as well? That also goes for oldest kids of other couples whom are like Jim Bob and Michelle. Whats in Josie's future hold for her, the family, etc. Others whom are like her and them as well.
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I enjoyed the episodes with the Bates

here is a short video of Erin Bates playing the piano and talking about going to college on a scholarship

If they were smart they wouldn't risk making it an even 20 after what happened with the last one, but they already said they think it is god rather than biological consequence that gives them babies, so if they really have the courage behind their convictions, they'll keep popping 'em out as long as nature allows. They're about due to conceive another one any day now.
These people are just plain nutso!!! There's got to more to it that we don't know. Like what kind of benefits are they getting out of this? (aside from being famous and on tv?) Just plain crazy if you ask me, and definitly not worth the fame.
There is no way that I would ever have that many kids. You couldn't pay me enough. I don't even know if it's worth having even 1 with the way I'm reading the world is heading. I can't imagine raising that many kids.