2.4 million Pakastani’s displaced!!


2.4 million Pakastani’s displaced!!
May 27th, 2009 in Breaking News, World Alerts
Fleeing the Taliban, Millions of Pakistani Refugees in Limbo - Yahoo! News.

Cradled in her mother’s arms inside a tent on the edge of the field is Pakistan’s youngest refugee. Aman, a baby girl, was born just days after her parents fled last month’s fighting in the Buner Valley. As the Pakistani military moved in to push back against Taliban fighters edging closer to the capital, the family traveled in the opposite direction, across the mountains that form a backdrop to the camp in which they now live. They are among an estimated 2.4 million Pakistanis who have been displaced, marking a refugee crisis on a scale comparable to the mass flight from Rwanda in the 1990s. “It took us more than 24 hours to get here,” says Roedad Khan, Aman’s father. “Half of that time, we walked on foot.”