Pakistan brokered Taliban-US direct talks


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The scheduled direct talks between the US and Taliban delegates on Thursday in Doha (Qatar) are still on hold as US Viceroy in Kabul, Hamid Karzai, has refused to attend the meeting. Karzai claims the US move to allow Taliban to open an office in its colony of Qatar, is violation of the US-Afghan security pact. Taliban leaders have claimed the office as ”a consulate of Taliban government in exile”.

US secretary of state, John Kerry called Hamid Karzai to convince him that Washington has no intentions to undermine his regime in Kabul. Kerry urged him to reconsider boycott of the meeting.

None of the major Zionist-controlled media has given credit to Pakistan for playing a key role in making this historic move possible. Pakistan also brokered a meeting between Washington and Beijing in 1972. As result, Richard Nixon became the first US president to visit China on February 21, 1972. He held secret talks with Chinese leaders Mao Zedong and Zhou En Lai.

Pakistan was friendly with both the US and China. Its president, Gen. Muhammad Yahya Khan, had dinner with President Nixon in October 1970, and with the Chinese premier, Zhou En Lai, a month later. He told Zhou that Pakistan was willing to be America’s secret channel to China. Yahya Khan told the premier he had a message from President Nixon. He wanted to send an American emissary (Henry Kissinger) to China. Nixon wanted America and China to become friends. Premier Zhou said, “I’ll consider it — and reply later.” Nixon was forced to wait, while Chairman Mao prepared the way for change.

Pakistan still maintains very friendly relation with China, but its relations with United States have been strained since US occupation of Afghanistan – thanks to Jewish Lobby’s anti-Muslim propaganda against Pakistan and its neighboring Iran.

Like in the past, Pakistan’s latest gesture in not going to be appreciated by the Zionist regime in Washington. However, there’re some benefits for Pakistan if the Taliban-US negotiations result in bringing Taliban (Mullah Omar) back into power. This will relieve Pakistan army from killing fellow Pakistanis along Pak-Afghan border for a few American crumbs in return.

Taliban movement was a brainchild of Pakistan intelligence ISI, Saudi Arabia and UAE. ISI helped Taliban to takeover Kabul in 1996. However, after 9/11, under US pressure, both Saudi Arabia and UAE canceled their ties with the Taliban government in Kandhar. ISI, through its former director Lt. Gen. Gul Hamid has maintained some links with Mullah Omar’s followers.

Pakistan, India, Iran and China, all have strategic interests in Afghanistan. However, Karzai has always criticized Islamabad for interfering in his country’s affairs.

William Kristol, the Jewish Zionist, a dual citizen of the US and Israel and co-founder of PNAC, told Chris Wallace (Jewish) on FoxNews on June 20, that the US and Taliban cannot reach a political settlement unless first the US defeat them. I wonder what the Zionist moron think the US-NATO have been doing for the last 12 years? Obama is offering Taliban an olive branch because he has realized that US-NATO has failed to defeat Taliban who are in control of over 80% of the land. Obama is seeking an honorable exit strategy which only Taliban can provide.

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