Truth feeder
Let us digress to address the negative infiltration that has given rise to our current circumstances and what is being done about it. We may also see why the Kabala has been altered---as mentioned, the 12D sphere is omitted and also usually star gate (sphere) number 8 (which is actually the central Star Gate to the Time Matrix and control centre).

A time matrix is designed to change and evolve---lower planets and stars evolve into higher ones as they evolve into higher dimensions. Continuing with the Guardian Alliance material, about 250 billion years ago warring factions of fallen ETs brought about the misalignments in the Divine Blueprint of portions of our time matrix. This resulted in a dimensionally descending reflection of our time matrix established in a separate spacetime and known as the Phantom Matrix---a partial (slow decaying) blackhole matrix no longer sustained from Source. Now another matrix, Wesedak (see graph), offered genetic aid to Phantom Matrix by a hybridisation scheme. Although the Elohim from the higher universe warned of the dangers of this, they were ignored, and over a period of millions of years Wesedak degenerated. By 150 billion years ago it was a fully-fledged blackhole fallen matrix but inhabited by the more powerful dark avatars. The universal system known as Urantia (described in the Urantia Book) occupies the upper dimensions of Wesedak.

The implications here may upset the Urantia student. The author has read the book thoroughly and there are discrepancies and puzzles. It doesn't mean though those exhilarating experiences of their described ascension process are not valid but it is a finite system based on an adulterated Divine Blueprint, sealing them off from Source so that their leaders can play God. The body ascension process is via graded electrostatic, non-evolving forms, that is, over 600 bodies to ascend through, which are basically not organic, compared with our natural organic electrodynamic forms. Eventually advanced inhabitants are going to realise their system has to be parasitic of other time matrices and that their most advanced secret technologies are directed to this end.

On the graph, the Wesedak Matrix, marked black, from which many Anunnaki species and hybrids originate, is a universal time matrix with its parallel, Wesedrak, from which the rival group of ETs, the Drakonians originate. This is the Veca quadrant next to Wesedak going in an anticlockwise direction; together they form the Wesa Matrix. These are the two main competing ET groups, 1) the Anunnaki, who have, since the year 2000 AD formed the United Invader Resistance, comprising other ET groups, and 2) the Drakonian races.

In spite of the cosmic separation of Wesedak and our matrix the Anunnaki created a wormhole which connects Wesedak with our matrix (see graphic). For hundreds of millions of years their plan has been to pull our matrix into theirs. They have now apparently taken over the Phantom Matrix, which is on the other side of our matrix, and the aim is to reverse and realign our matrix with theirs and subsequently take over the energy. This is the purpose of the so-called Beast technology. It involves creating wormhole connections and underground grid systems in our time matrix, implanting Earth's population to mutate the DNA, including reversing codes of the planet's fields and setting up a network around our globe. This would link to the government HAARP and GWEN systems through numerous underground implant grids and link in turn to the population's 'tributary' grids (electrical wiring in homes; hence a basic reason Tesla's radiant system without wires of early last century wasn't developed). In effect, the Beast is intended to create appropriate distortions in the Divine Blueprint for compatibility with their genetic and coded imprint and pulling our grids into alignment with theirs for complete conquest. This includes using scalar pulses to fragment Earth's basic fields in the frequency bands 8D to 12D, reversing the planet's codes within the dimensions 1D to 7D, and connecting our time line to the Phantom Matrix and in turn, Wesedak. This will erase the cellular memory of the human race, as it already has, hence the description Blank Slate Technology (BST) personified as the BeaST.

The time cycles of interest to Earth and its ascension and rehabilitation are the planetary time cycles of 26,556 years, the time continuums---six to a planetary time cycle---and 72 vector time cycles to the planetary cycle. This complex matrix of cycles within cycles, frequencies within frequencies, forms a template which can when necessary be reset, such as by fulfilling the Christos Realignment Mission. This must be done gradually by means of a human evolutionary plan, building up the DNA, since our present matrix was so distorted that the realignment of particle orientation and countless frequency values must occur gradually. However, automatically a consciousness coming into this universe system must adopt---be formatted with---this complex framework of frequencies involving barriers, and freeplay within those barriers. The basic blueprint keeps everything in perpetual creation. (Note that the DNA template (and its rehabilitation) will resonate with higher fractal templates, such as the universal one, with subsequent healing on all levels.)

These time-cycle frequencies operate through the species collective and subconscious, and the frequency templates of the time matrix automatically impose limited frameworks which consciousness operates within---limiting the full scope of freewill at any time. Time lines (of the time cycles), however, can be changed as previously indicated.

The plan was to have four evolutionary rounds, each consisting of three planetary time cycles of 26,556 years, and each planetary time cycle has 72 vector time cycles, giving 1728 vectors in four rounds, including the anti-parallel universe (4 x 3 x 72 x 2). The fourth round was intended to be fulfilled during the 2012 to 2017 Star Activation Cycles. That is, the avator level of consciousness is split (like white light through a prism) into frequency bands of consciousness at the oversoul, soul, and human levels. [Also, 1728 = 12x12x12 and relates to this consciousness division through 4 harmonic universes: avatar (1); oversoul (12); soul (144); human (1728)---Indigos have more. This includes the anti-parallel (antiparticle) Earth.] Note that the time matrices are said to run on base-12 coding.

The human race plus other species must bring in the required frequencies from the unified field. It can't be done all at once otherwise Earth would explode. This evolutionary plan of four rounds was designed by ET founding fathers. The plan was: seed races with highest DNA would anchor the Kathara grid's Aramatena (top sphere) into Earth's frequencies---for the alignment mission. At each ascension period, 26,556 years, the stored frequencies from Aramatena would be released in controlled increments during the Stellar Activations---which bring in higher frequencies via the Star Gates. All species on Earth were specially seeded to automatically relay electromagnetic frequencies for the gradual realignment of Earth's planetary complex and that of the universal complex. Without this plan, Earth would have fallen into the Phantom Matrix. Humans are thus incarnating into (the limitations of) impaired templates of the Divine Blueprint, and through experience accrue appropriate frequencies from the unified field, restoring the 12-strand DNA and in turn the Divine Blueprint.

All creation is formed from blueprints or templates; what we might call geometric intelligence. These templates are configured from computer-like coded frequencies. Handling our planetary template distortions was a central goal to the larger-scale alignment needed, involving other star systems, such as those associated with higher planets: Tara (connected to Star Gate 5 sphere) and Gaia (Star Gate number 8 sphere). This had to be done by gradually introducing the corrected template through which energies from the unified field could be drawn into and accrued, and be formatted for the realignment of the planetary template and a successful Christos Realignment Mission. In effect the Kathara Blueprint was being rebuilt.

The human race generally was genetically created to be guardians of the planetary system. From this race, following the specific 'fall' of man (described in the Fall of Man articles), several seedings of further racial forms were created to reincarnate into the time matrix template---that is, take on the frequency framework, such as the vectors within the time matrix, draw in and accrue frequencies from the unified field to realign and rebuild the time matrix, in particular, the Earth Planetary Templar Complex and its relation with the Galactic and Universal Templar Complex. Note that some channellings tend to refer to star systems as galaxies. However, the Guardian material (which is not received through channelling) will refer to certain constellations of star groups as galaxies, and what we call a galaxy is referred to as a metagalaxy. However, and very important, note that science's galaxy only identifies the first fractal level, 3D, whereas the Guardian's metagalaxy is 3D (D1, D2, D3) to 12D (and there are 12 probable ones).

The Christos Realignment Mission, as mentioned, was designed to build up the Divine Blueprint through four evolutions of three planetary time cycles, by means of incarnating into the 1728 vector time cycles intervals (including anti-parallel Earth), lasting a total of about 320,000 years (in each of particle and antiparticle Earth simultaneously). However, continual interference from fallen ETs, endeavouring to prevent this alignment, to retain and create further their artificial imprint, has caused the human race to repeat the ascension planetary time cycles of 26,556 years over hundreds of millions of years. For example, no Stellar Activation Cycles (ascension activity every 26,556 years) have occurred---as they are occurring today---for eight planetary time cycles ago, to 208,216 BC, when conditions were sufficiently favourable for the Stellar Activation Cycles to begin. However, even in this case, owing to the launching of the BeaST technology at that time, which utilises these ascension energies, the Guardians drastically closed down the Star Gates as they were opening which stopped the BeaST technology and permanent enslavement of races---including and beyond humans---into the blackhole matrix. Nevertheless, unfortunately it caused pole shift of Earth, destroying much of the civilisation.

The conflict has continued long enough. This is the final ascension cycle before the great changes---the final battle. All sides are playing their final card: the Anunnaki BeaST technology (referred to as 'Archangel Michael's Blue Sword'*); the Drakonians counteraction to this (referred to as the 'Spear of Destiny'); the Guardian's override systems, such as the Arc of the Covenant (see article on this) for resetting the Divine Blueprint; and the civilisation's Indigo presence. [If there are any difficulties in reading this, realise it was a gargantuan task making it reasonably comprehensible---we are dealing with concepts millions of years ahead of present science.]

* The Sword represents the pathways of scalar sonic pulses. If it is placed over the Kathara grid, imagine the cross piece of the Sword intersecting at SG 6 but horizontally linking to SG 6 of Wesedak on one side and SG 6 of Phantom Matrix on the other side, giving us the well-known Satan's number 666--with the subsequent (fallen ET's) expected 'assimilation' of our matrix.

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