22 year old genius movie maker - R'HA Short Film by Kaleb Lechowski (SICK Sci-Fi Film)

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22 year old German born movie director, Kaleb Lechowski, has produced a science-fiction based short movie called R'ha. Its has got the interest of the show biz industry.

Kaleb Lechowski was lacking the money to produce his short movie utilizing the regular method. It took him more than a 7 month time frame to create. Kaleb directed, wrote and animated the short movie "R'Ha" that includes a pair of alien planets at war with one another.

22-year old German director, Kaleb Lechowski, has created a science-fiction based short film, R'ha that has grabbed the attention of Hollywood.

Kaleb Lechowski didn't have the cash to create his short using the typical process, so Over a seven month period Kaleb directed, wrote and animated the short "R'Ha" that features two alien worlds at war with each other.

Lets Get This Thing Viral so He can get Hollywood to Make it into a Movie!

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This is where you can reach Kaleb, I saw this video and thought it was as awesome as most of you do, so I wanted to share it and reach as many people as possible, check out Kalebs page and support his movement.