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This is an interview with Mike Harris and Gordon Duff from a March 21, 2013 radio show, where a caller phoned in who was seems to be an insider (a government contractor geologist maybe?). He asked to be called Miguel.

The entire show is on YouTube:

He is a 21 minute extract of the caller Miguel. It starts at 1:03:00 in the above YouTube.

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Here is a transcript:
Miguel (1:35): I am a person who, I consider one of the few, who KNOWS the truth of the topic. I believe maybe yourself [to Gordon Duff] and Mike [Harris] are BELIEVERS because of information, but because I have... my background... there is no dispute, and the issues that you’re talking about about alien races and the upcoming future.. the 45-70 is a good round for any kind of a…

(2:10: Gordon Duff interrupts)

Miguel (2:16): but here’s the thing that I wanted to bring up to you guys and just throw out: you just talked about Jim Fetzer and the Kennedy assassination. Well, me being in the know, with UFOs... I’ve lived though 3 or 4 decades with the reality that most of the people I would ever talk to would think I’m crazy, and so you don’t talk, and you learn, and you live life, well here, president Kennedy, we are still spending thousands upon thousands of hours of our precious time debating the truth to a matter.

Now, the reason why I bring that up is I lived a life of UFO reality, I lived a life working for the government knowing they’ve spent trillions of dollars preparing and interacting with our reality…

(3:12: Duff interrupts: can you say what branch of the government you worked for, or what organization?)

Miguel (3:18): On air, no, and not on this time specifically, but I can say that I bought a missile base east of Denver years ago because I’ve worked with people, upper management, that closed down the Denver airport, and...

(3:39: Duff interrupts: can you tell us how much work there is underground in the United States, how many acres do we have underground, how many feet underground are we working? Is that in your bailiwick?)

Miguel (3:52): No, and if it was, I wouldn’t say it, because I wouldn’t be able to say it again tomorrow if I said it today. But I will say this: I sat and had dinner with the president of the largest tunneling company in the world, and this is a few years ago, and I was actually the chief engineer in a large design-build project and he was a sister company, that was owned by HBG, that’s an English... the largest construction company in the world, or one of them, but he, the tunneler, I was trying to get on a job that normally would have taken two months to tunnel through a mountain.

Well, we got the job, and they were done in two WEEKS — with the tunneling aspect. So what I’m trying to say to you guys is that yes, the technology is far beyond what we've seen from the 60s, and we hear all this stuff about 7 miles a day and huge cities, but what I’d like to bring to the forefront, to the Veterans Today and the Rense crowd, is that with the Earth changes that are coming up, we have to have an ability to be underground for short periods of time because of SOLAR activity.

If you’re two miles underground, or you’re in a tunnel going Mach 5, you know, from place to place, and there’s, let’s say, a significant earthquake, I don’t think I’d want to be in that tunnel going Mach 5, because a little bit of a shift and you’re toast. So the idea is that all these underground bases, that's really not an issue for us, nor is it really a solution.

But there are solutions which is the reality that yes there are aliens, yes they are here because the world is about ready to go through a weakening process as far as the catastrophes that are about to be pushed upon us which are not man-made, and it’ll make it an opportunity for the re- ... let’s say, the re-inhabitation of the hidden alien races that have been here — in a small extent — they’ve been hidden because there's too many of us… you know, we control the planet, basically.

After the catastrophes, the Powers-That-Be think that it’s an opportunity to take over. And when you talk about… you know, the last caller talked about genetics, and history, and that's all really interesting, and there's so much truth to it…

(6:33: Duff interrupts with a question about bloodlines)

Miguel (7:01): There’s a lot more to that subject that I know and that I could really talk about, but yes, it’s there.

(7:07: Duff interrupts again)

Miguel brings the conversation back to what he wants to talk about, 8:20): My problem is: I have a son, you have a son, Mike has a son, and Mike, you are worried more about your son and his hopefully children, and so am I about my son and my hopefully grandchildren, than I am about myself, and thinking and talking and spending all my time about what happened yesterday isn’t really helping THEM.

And what I'm trying to say with my knowledge of KNOWING — and I don’t CARE abut the aliens, I don’t! — I have weapons that maybe will help if I ever have to meet with them, but that's NOT my problem today.

My problem today is they are here because we are going to get caught with our pants down, and a lot of that is because the power brokers are taking… you know, e-ticket rides, it’s been used over and over — they have their e-ticket rides to what they think they’re going to survive these upcoming years. And believe me…

(9:19: Duff interrupts again — he says he has definite verification that there’s a group that thinks they’re going to survive, and the rest of us aren’t)

Miguel (9:38): Well, everyone's heard of the Georgia Guidestones. Think about the idea that if there’s only 500 million of us left, based on war and catastrophe, not just Earth Changes, or just man-made — but then it’s a manageable planet for the other race, and they will use us as their slaves and food.

And that's the plan. And believe me, what I’m trying to say to everybody is let’s say, “Oh My Gosh, what do we do?” Well, it’s real simple. We have Veterans Today. We have all the skills, all the people, we have hundreds of thousands of Americans that… I mean, I have a missile base that can be created that could support thousands of people, not in the missile base, but we could, by refocusing, if we only knew what was about to happen, if we just refocused, we don’t try to recreate the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the United States, we just take care of ourselves, and if we have 100, or 200, or a million of us, they can’t not let us alone.

(10:49: Duff interrupts, missing the point and changing the subject)

Miguel brings it back on topic again (13:54): Gordie, I know, But bringing it back to Mike, what I'm saying with the drones or the this, I'm trying to get back to instead of fighting the Big Ship that the government or the hidden agendas, why don’t we try to take care of our own and get some of those contracts. Now, I'm not trying to say…

(14:18: Duff interrupts)

Miguel (15:19): But Gordie […] (15.41) what I'm worried about are Americans and potentially hundreds of millions of people on board with trying to feed themselves, house themselves, and grow their families, and the way to do that is to actually identify that UFOs — we don’t need to focus on, we don’t need to worry about it. Let TV do that, let the sheeple worry about aliens.

We need to worry about the upcoming problems that you and your intelligence can tell you is real — that is, how are we going to feed our children. And clothe them, and keep them away from the FEMA camps, because they’re starving.

(16:23: Duff interrupts)

Miguel (17:33): two comments real quick, Gordie…

(17:37: Duff interrupts again, enthusing about the 45-70)

Miguel (18:44): you know, I love it. I have a 45-70 because it’ll take down a grizzly bear, and it’ll take down a rhino, and it’ll take down anything bigger than a human being, that might not be a human being, that comes on the planet. But, it takes a special round to do that: you have to add copper, and a few other items to the actual bullet itself.

(18:08: Duff interrupts again)

Miguel (18:11): Hey, but here’s the thing I want to leave you guys with, because you have other callers. I was on a research vessel before the years you’re talking about when the government ramped up into what they’re… the undergrounds, and all that.

I actually had the head geologist, which was one of the premier geologists in the world at that time on this research vessel, come out and have me look at a slide that we had just drilled and cored, and he showed me the magnetic flips of the planet.

Now, we’ve all heard about the magnetic changes and in our history about pole shifts, and magnetic flips. This was the most premier geologist in the world at the time and he was so fearful that he had to come out, and I was the first person that he could grab to show what he had, the thin slide of the rock, in black light to show the magnetic reversal of the iron ore.

But he was so fearful of what he was seeing, and what I'm trying to say to you is forget the aliens so much, forget politics so much, really understand that what is important is far greater — and that’s survival.