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Conversations with Gaia

I had a conversation with Gaia. We speak often. I told her stop telling me about all the insane actions of man, what they are doing to you and the consequences. She asked why? I said because the Powers that Be get real angry at exposing their reckless greed, the new agers get angry, call me doom and gloomer then blame me after the event for creating it. The whole world pretty much thinks I am crazy and the herd consciousness does not want any interruptions in their status quo or change. The fundamentalists think you don't exist and I am devil worshipping with no responsibility or accountability for their choices and actions. They blame God or the devil for everything. It seems the modern world has lost all connection, respect and empathy to the very source that gave them form.

Gaia said; This is true but there is a solution.

I asked what is the solution?

Gaia said; I will shake all their beliefs and misperceptions along with the Creator which comes in many forms they worship or ignore altogether. They will experience the reactions to their actions, the consequences of their choices, the fallacies of their beliefs. The world they created will come to an end. A new world will take its place. What is out of alignment with universal law, what is self-serving, what is harmful to humanity and the earth will come to an end.

I asked Gaia; I understand universal law, action/reaction and karma yet these mega corporations and the scientific oligarchy now controlling the masses are so embedded, humanity is so infected and willing participants in actions against even themselves and the planet how will this unfold? These psychopaths have weapons to generate massive quakes, manipulate weather, mind control, and their lust for power and wealth is insatiable even if it means their own demise. They are guilty of so many despicable acts now the people have become the enemy because if the people knew what they have done and are doing surely they would hang. How will this be addressed?

Gaia said: In their cleverness they have forgot wisdom. The cleverness comes from the ego that thinks it can outwit the soul. The soul will always create the conditions and lessons to bring the ego back into alignment with the soul. The soul is in alignment with spirit. The spirit is the Creator and is omnipresent within all Creation. There is no escape from the soul and the lessons just as there is no escape from the mother who gave of herself for the form to exist. That form can be taken away at any time if the ego and the form have become completely disconnected from spirit. This will happen individually and collectively.

I asked; Why does it seem to take so long before action/reaction or karma to kick in. If allowed to go on these psychopaths will kill the very platform for life taking a lot of good people with them? Gaia said: I am not alone in the multiverse. Great beings are observing on many levels. Neither they nor I will allow this. Some grand lessons will come along with some grand teachers. The world the controllers have created is not sustainable; it is unnatural, void of spirit and out of alignment with universal law. The action/reaction and principle you call karma will be accelerated. There will be a quickening. What took years will take moments. I will shake, blow, wash, burn do what ever it takes to cleanse. The Sun will also do what ever is necessary to end the network and foundation of tyranny. There are other great beings and energies at play; which have been known for millennia; which will also come into play and I too shall go through a grand rebirth. It is part of my evolution and those who listen and are connected to me will evolve very rapidly to the next level. They will flow with these changes. Not all will make this shift for they have chosen a different path.

I asked; Why are you telling me this? We are back to the same problem. The beast and those who serve the beast get angry about being told their future. The new agers get angry when telling them about what will be necessary to bring about the demise of the beast accusing me of creating it or being a doom and gloomer. The hypnotized status quo does not want change or the status quo to go uninterrupted. The fundamentalists will say I am talking to the devil. It seems but a handful will understand and act on this message.

Gaia said: I will speak from here on out and in some cases very loudly with an undeniable voice. If you feel guided and it is appropriate you can speak for me for we are very close. Just know what you have spoken will come to past despite their beliefs and attachments. I am moving forward in my evolution they can join me or go the way of the beast. If they are going to join me they must learn to listen, live in harmony with each other and nature. All other paths will come to an end.

So it will be

James Gilliland