A Quiet Riot - Breaking The Strings Of The Puppet Masters --- Lady of Light - March 1st, 2012

Lady of Light

Channeled by: Lady of Light
March 1st, 2012

We're currently having a quiet riot. It's a rebellion that is being kept quiet but it is gaining intensity and will soon take over. It's like an underground movement, only people are connecting through thought and energy. This is the most powerful way to change things, through thought. We are what we think. Thinking changes everything. If we all, or at least enough of us, think in the same manner, we can and will overpower anything that is not right. This type of energy manipulation has been used against us for millenia and it's time we tap into the powers that we are and use this for the greater good.

All things become clear if we stop and think. Clear all thought from your mind. Thought is distraction. Distraction leaves us powerless and vulnerable. Media is distraction. Technology is distraction. Stop and listen to what you think is nothing; you'll soon find out that it is not nothing after all. You'll find that it is everything, and that it is the most important thing that most people are capable of connecting to at this stage of being.

Those epiphanies (or “ah-ha!” moments) that you have are messages coming through to you from other forces. You should stop and take notes. The more you do, the more "epiphanies" you will have. The more epiphanies that you have, the closer you come to the truth.

We can only learn so much truth while here on earth at this time. Not everything can be revealed to us, but it is coming. With the end of this cycle, we move further in our "evolution". Those who have embraced good, that don't cheat people, that treat people with respect, that don't judge, that are open minded, that are kind to strangers, that give without expecting or wanting anything in return, etc, etc, will reach a higher level of truth and achievement. Achievements aren't trophies, and medals, and materialistic rewards that give us "status" here in the superficial world. If you are stuck in a thinking that "status" is necessary, then you are lost.

Materialism and superficiality are negatives. Negatives make you vibrate at a lower frequency. In order to "evolve", you must get your frequency to vibrate higher. The earth, while going through her natural changes, is also getting her frequency higher. To stay with her, you must do the same; to reach enlightenment, you must go higher. Enlightenment is a very high frequency that most people are unable to even comprehend. They can't comprehend it because they are vibrating too low for it to be in existence for them.

It hurts me when I think of all the souls out there that cannot see beyond their box. The more you try to help, the more they close that box. They don't want to see the light, or get that fresh air. They choose to remain stagnant. There are those that stick their feet out, their hands, their head, but it's not enough. Even those that get out of the box, tend to go back in. It's not enough. Most people don't even have airholes in their metaphorical boxes. They choose to remain in the dark without anything. It's sad. I feel the sadness. The earth loves us, and IT is sad. Sad for us; sad for those that ignore her and what she has given them.

This whole planet is under full mind control. Nothing here really exists, it's a group collective projection led by those in charge and held together by all of us and strengthened through any and all forms of media and technology. All the modern 'conveniences' are actually nothing more than distraction. (I'm not talking conveniences like running water, even though, when looked at in more depth, does fall into the category, the way our living arrangements (our cities and towns) are set up, it allows us to have water where we wouldn't otherwise have it available because of other circumstances.)
However, if we break free of the control over our very existence as humans in these bodies, ANY modern convenience is an inconvenience, including that of running water. All things, electricity, heat, and so on, can and always have been achieved in the past, without the need for the way things are now, so there then becomes the “WHY?”. WHY can't we do it now? Well, it's because we're taught that we can't and everyone just follows along with the new things and forgets about the old way of doing things. We as a people used to farm our own foods, we used to forage for food and only take what we needed at any given time. Now, we are gluttonous and take much more than we need. Farms are now factories instead of just for living off of for a few families at most. There were markets where people would bring
their goods to trade for other things they didn't have and needed.

Money is, by far, the largest of all forms of control. Money is what has us going to work every day, not being with our loved ones, so that we may have enough so we can have shelter and food. We are trapped by those who dictate "you need this" instead of getting rid of all these devices like cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers in general, televisions, and even regular phones. We are set back by commercialism and materialism (which go hand in hand). These are all because of MONEY. It has been said "money is the root of all evil", this is a very true statement. Money causes greed; greed causes harm. There are those who will do ANYTHING for money no matter what the cost. They will hurt others, and even themselves, just to have it. It is a terrible thing. Without money, there is much less control over the population of this planet.

Without the need to HAVE, or rather the WANT, we would all be at much more peace. There would be no struggle and therefore the strings would be broken from the puppet-masters' control. Most people cannot and will not see what these controls are and what is being done to them because of them.

It is time to cut your strings and stop being a puppet. Not just in the physical world; this reaches far into other realms of existence that we are connected to. Our dreams and our thoughts are also tied to the strings of control. Be aware and take back control. You don’t need to be a puppet any longer, now that you are aware.

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