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This is a link to "A Wanderer's Handbook" in PDF format.

The author is Carla, the woman who was the channel for the entity known as RA of the series "The Law Of One (Ra Material)" published in the mid-eighties.
RA used the term "wanderers" to describe beings of a higher dimension/density that have chosen to incarnate as human beings and to join the last reincarnation cycle ( 25,000 or more years) in service to humanity in order to help with the ascension/harvest process. Ra stated that often wanderers had problems that were specific to them. Carla has dedicated much of her life to explore the wanderer phenomenon as well as being of service to them. In this book are years of her observations, extract from channeling's from the Ra material, from the Qu'o group, extracts of letters and experiences of other wanderers on a variety of topics: spiritual growth, cosmology, health and even sex! Carla shares of many personal aspects of her life and of the lives of the other two members of L/L research Don and Jim, with a candour and honesty that makes this book a real treat.


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