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Iranian President sounds more like a Pope than Benedict XVI,” Joanna Francis, an American Catholic writer and blogger, September 21, 2006.

Iranian President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly on Thursday. As expected, he won the hearts of the oppressed people around the world. He exposed the ‘evildoers’ who are waging wars around the world for greed and for the survival of an illegal entity in Muslim East while refusing to give similar rights to the native people of occupied Palestine.

Not surprisingly, the so-called champions of ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘human rights’ – several representatives of the Zionist occupied governments walked out during Ahmadinejad’s speech lead by US ambassador at United Nations, Israel-Firster Dr. Susan Rice. She was followed by diplomats from 27 EU member countries. Canada and Israel had boycotted Ahmadinejad’s speech.

Ignoring the whinings from the US, French, British and German diplomats about the ‘anti-Semitic’ nature of Ahmadinejad’s speech for challenging 9/11, Holocaust, Osama Bin Laden’s murder and West’s ‘war at Islam’ – the English translation of Ahmadinejad speech can be read here or heard on video below.

Ahmadinejad spoke like ‘Prophet of Peace’ | Rehmat's World



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I saw the footage, many people left as he spoke. although he does talk a lot of truth he mixes blatent lies (like all leaders) to push his agenda through.

I do beleive him when he talks about 9/11. Many other do as well, but that doesn't give him a reason to use that to push his agenda.

Although he should watch over his shoulder as Israel will launch a nuclear strike against Iran, I belive in the near future whch Iran natrually will retalliate, which in effect will start a mini WW3...


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Zionazis after being humiliated by a bunch of Hizbullah fighters in 2006 - have no balls to attack Iran. They would rather let Americans die for them in Iran as is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan.