Uri Avnery: ‘Ahmadinejad was Mossad agent!’


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Today, I read the most repulsive and bigoted article written by Uri Avnery. He is the founder of the so-called “Israeli Peace Block (Gush Sholam)”, and a darling of “Israeli Left”. American Jewish writer and blogger, Roger Tucker, on the other hand, has called Avnery a Closet Zionist along with Noam Chomsky and Jimmy Carter.

Avnery’s article inquestion is titled, The Real Bomb.

“Years ago, I disclosed one of the biggest secrets about Iran: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was an agent of Mossad,” Avnery begins his article with this Revelation. maybe from his Holy Talmud, which according to Israeli historian, professor Israel Shahak, is the most hateful religious book in the world.

Avnery supports his accusations against Ahmadinejad by claiming that Ahmadinejad’s denial of Holocaust, his rhetoric about the disappearance of Israel, his support for Iran’s nuclear program, etc. – greatly helped Israeli government to turned the world against Iran.

“His public fantasies about the disappearance of Israel. His denial of the Holocaust, which until then had been typical only of a lunatic fringe. His boasting about Iran’s nuclear capabilities,” wrote Avnery.

Based on his stupid logic, I bet Avnery also believe that Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Basrallah, Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniya and Turkish prime minister Erdogan, must be Mossad agents as they’re all hated by Israeli leaders and Mossad has tried to assassinate all of them.

Avnery is just repeating Israeli hasbara lies. It has long been proven that Ahmadinejad was misquoted by the Jewish Memeri. What Ahmadinejad actually said was a “call for the removal of the oppressive regimes in Tel Aviv and Washington“. Ahmadinejad never denied Jewish Holocaust. He just called for an open debate to prove the Zionists’ estimate of 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis. He also said that since Holocaust occured in Europe, why Palestinians are being punished for the crimes of the Europeans?

If Anvery had read Rouhani’s lips without his Zionist prism, he would have found out the Rouhani’s views about Zionist entity are not different than Anvery’s fictious “Mossad Agent”. While Ahmadinejad was not scared to use the world “Holocaust” aka, new Jewish religion, Rouhani is so disgusted with the word that ignored to mention it during his speech at the UNGA. Last month, Rouhani called Israel a cancer which should be removed from Muslim Middle East.

Anvery, like any con Zionist crook, claims that since he is an “atheist”, he has no moral to say the truth. I wonder, if he knows that over 80% of Zionists-Jewish communist and Zionist mass murderers and antisemites also claimed to be “atheists”

In the end, Anvery, as a paranoid Zionist cat, do come out of the Zionist liter box. He claims that a peace between the US and Iran would be good for Israel too. Because, it would isolate Iran from anti-Israel Resistance groups (Hizbullah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc.).

“If we could restore some of our former relationship with Tehran, or even just take the sting out of the present one, that would be a huge gain for Israel. Combining this with a real peace initiative vis-a-vis the Palestinians would be even better,” claims Avnery.

Avnery, I must say, is living in Israeli self-denial. Can he explain why the “peace initiative” never materialized before the 1979 Islamic Revolution? King Reza Shah, certainly, was in bed with the Zionist regime since 1949. The Iranian support for Hamas (moral and financial) first came from Imam Khomeini followed by Ayatullah Khamenie – and not from Iran’s successive governments.

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