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This is from Jon Robinson, Alex’s friend and the original publisher of "Letters From Andromeda". I figured I would post it to keep every up to date on Alex Collier.

Letters From Andromeda - Jon Robinson - Alex Collier


Thanks for sharing my previous email. I wanted to address some things that I have been reading that others feel that Alex Collier is a hoaxer.

First off, over the years I have myself encountered many aspects of his contacts that had shown me that the Zeneate Andromedan's are very much real so as to verify Alex as truthful. I have shared some of the events on an article on DR. Michael Sala's Exopolitics website. But I can say this plainly and simply being a experiencer myself since childhood, I know the truth of what I experience better than anyone else and it matters not if you believe what I have to say or not for that is your free will choice.

As for the change of his name. Come on, he has shared that he changed his name long ago to protect those within his family as he started to step out and share information. People change their names for all sorts of reasons, so just because Alex changed his name does not automatically make him a fake. I will say this about the gentlemen who constantly brings this matter up to the world. His agenda is to promote Billy Mier and Billy is on record of stating that he and only he is the only true contactee on the planet. I was there when a Figu representative visiting a long ago Los Angeles UFO conference made the statement of Billy's contacts race name change. That it was done to prove that all others were fakes and Billy was real. I have this to say. If a race comes and wishes to share information then why must them lie to us from the start...or did they not lie but others have done so? Use your free will of choice and decide for yourselves.

People like to point out that dates that Alex has shared over the years have for the most part not come to pass as far as the events told. This is true, but while the Zenetae Andromedan's are time travel capable they know one very big truth. That the future is always in flux and can be changed by actions set in motion by others. One thing I have noted over the years when I worked closely with Alex was that when you put out in advance some titbit of information of a future event and it does not happen, then does that make the messenger and source liars or is it just the future being in flux at work. Again our friends, it is up to you to use your free will of choice to choose what feels right within yourself.

Being Alex Colliers friend for many year now, I can say this. I still do my homework and what he has stated in his latest post so far this year is on the mark. Without even speaking to him about it, I myself have come up with similar thoughts using what I know and what I see going on all around us. Realize folks that when Alex shares information with you he does so because he has a passion to do so because just like myself he wants you to take the information in and research it for yourself or choose for yourself. That is one critical point about the Zenetae Andromedan's that has always been true to form, they don't sugar coat there messages and say it's all about light and love. They are very loving beings as are many of us as well. They share the information and if Alex chooses to share it then we all get an opportunity to research and then decide on our own if we stand behind what was shared or not. That is the Free Will of Choice that we must use more and that the world is waking up to see to it.

Remember this our friends. There is no right or wrong answers for all is knowledge and it is with knowledge that each and every one of us uses to make our free will choices. So get up and start walking the walk rather than just talking the talk. Show yourself and the world that each of you are true leaders that you are and not just followers. Know that leaders know when to lead and when to allow others to step up and lead as well. So let's stop trying to find fault in Alex and use your own free will of choice to make your own difference in this world. Believe me, Alex Collier does not want to stand up for any type of glory that he might get from speaking out. He speaks out so as to simply share what he has been told. But it is up to each one of us to what we do with the information or not. It's always been your choices...always has been!

Thank you for allowing me to once again share my thoughts about my friend Alex and our friends from beyond this world.

Jon Robinson Friend and Original Letters From Andromeda Publisher

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