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I got this in my email today, just wanted to share.

The Email:

Dear Tantarum,

The Adventures of Captain Denar

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If you wish to get involved in the development of this project please email Audra Kelly here:
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Hope this email finds you and family well!

My name is Audra Kelly and currently in development of a film project, storyline written by Alex Collier.

Though Alex is most grateful for the donations and support, (for he wouldn't have made it this far without them, not kidding) I ask if you would be open to further discussions by email or phone of becoming an `advocate' for this project.

The message given to Alex from Morenay was to . . . " not make a business from the information given - for it is to assist and awaken others". Alex followed Morenay's advice.

With 16,300,000 hits on Alex Collier's name from the Internet along with the controversy - you understand why companies fired or refuse to hire Alex and that has made his life challenging.

I would like to present an opportunity to assist Alex "get back on his feet" while honoring his promise to Morenay.

Years ago . . . . Alex wrote a story for children about the space adventures of a character, Captain Denar, who was born on Earth and raised on the moon. His mother was Native American and his father was the General of the United Earth Space Command. Captain Denar carries the proud spirit of his Native American heritage throughout their space travels. (Note - The story contains travels and experiences Morenay and other Andromedans encountered throughout the galaxy it is not the same as messages given to Alex, from Morenay, about the upcoming affairs of our government.)

This is how we met. A friend pitched Alex's children story to me for I am an independent film producer. . . . the rest is history. Though - I had no idea how rough the road, and "less traveled", it would be for the messenger, Alex Collier.

We plan to shoot a teaser trailer Spring, 2014, for this film project and post on Kickstarter. We will connect the dots, worldwide, utilizing social media, email lists, and radio interviews If you're not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a site where entrepreneurs post their projects and interested parties donate. Kickstarter

The proceeds from Kickstarter, will reimburse those who assisted with upfront cost for key art, websites, teaser trailer shoot, script, and legalese. We will have the opportunity to develop the project further to attract a larger co-producing partner. We have a marketing plan for Kickstarter in place to connect the world-wide interest of Alex Collier.

Through the development of the teaser trailer script more details and information were added to the manuscript thereby broadening the demographics from children only to adults, as well - same demographics now as for Star Wars, Star Trek and the Marvel Series. Alex's books will be presented during the release of the film.

Film title: The Adventures of Captain Denar
Genre: Sci-fi/Action-Adventure/Family

IMDB Listing: The Adventures of Captain Denar (2015) - IMDb

(The following synopsis is subject to change as we move forward)

Synopsis: Having discovered the knowledge of the Pataal, the founders of our Universe, Captain Denar is being hunted by regressive races. The Ciakar, an ancient civilization of reptilians. As Denar and his crew of Black Leaquers protect our home solar systems from threats of invasion, help comes from an unexpected alliance. This alliance causes a change in dimensional frequency, and pushes humanity to make an evolutionary leap into the next dimension.

This project is written as a sci-fi, therefore, omitting the "target" on the chest sort of speak.

Who do you know that may assist with covering the upfront fees for the preparation to film and launch the teaser trailer on Kickstarter?

I'll be happy to discuss where we are with the project, who is involved, our next step, the upfront cost and level of participation you may be interested in, if any.

Please let me know the best date, time and phone number to call or write. I do ask you forward this only to interested parties and not post on any website. Thank you for that!

With Gratitude,

Audra Kelly

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