Alien Beings
Tuesday, March 31,2009


Some aliens are on the fifth dimension, a dimension of light. You would classify them as soul beings, since they have no physical body, they have light bodies. When you communicate with each other, you can them in a physical body experience. This is a thought form which is projected to make communication possible. There are many negative thoughts about the word 'alien' (alien). When you hear this word has a negative sound.

The word 'alien' (extra terrestrial) means a being outside you live three-dimensional reality. An alien or space is essentially a creature that most roomt with the direction of light, which the whole creation back leads to the Source. They are an aspect of the universal whole and are part of the mission to your planet to the light to transform. There are many different civilizations in the fifth dimension which is very actively involved in the evolution of your planet. Aliens are professionals for your planet to the light to bring.

There are many different alien races that you are future lurch. On the fifth dimension, it is possible to access all the time parallels. When your vibration frequency increases to the five dimensional level, you can access any time when you want. This makes it possible for your future extraterrestrial lurch to communicate. You see now that these alien beings are not strangers to you but yourselves in a future advanced state?

Five-dimensional alien lurch come voluntarily to the three-dimensional reality incarnate and a human form to take to assist with the mission of transforming the planet into the light. They are told that a part of their mission is to "sleep" under the illusion of limitation. At the moment they wake up and reveal their divine nature, making it the Heaven on Earth.

That time is now! We call on all beings in space to awaken and to take positions in which they are notified and their missions to accomplish.

This five-dimensional self-enter through the birth process and until you wake up, you believe that you are only human. The sleep is deep and for some, until you are called, have you no sense of your identity. Other space creatures on your planet incarnate not sleep as deeply and remember vaguely that they originate not from the Earth. They find it difficult to accept and never feel at home. You were one of these creatures can be!

There is another kind of space allocated on your planet, that's not through the birth process has come. These creatures are Alien Within Stiltwalkers, with the consent of the original residents, the body take over, the occupant leaves the body to another to allow to enter.

Angel-like creatures and your archetypal gods and goddesses are other types of beings that incarnate. They have your planet repeatedly, visited consecutive years and are always in a clearly more evolved form appeared, but as people. They come as a great image. When you awaken, you may discover that you hold yourself in different aspects, because you are multi-dimensional.


If extraterrestrial lurch are you multi-dimensional beings who simultaneously or in different dimensions exist. Each creature has a five-dimensional representation of the human personality leads and directs. You are all an expression of a possibility. You are a star, a galaxy and a universe that itself expresses a single point. You are a dreamer, which itself is a focal point. You are energy concentrated at a single point vibration in space and time.

(translated: Harmen Schouwerwou Nieuwe pagina 1)


Source: unitynet.nl