Alien found in Mexico? Video

The live alien-baby "in May 2007 caught at a farm in a trap. The essence is all that time by the owners of the farm preserved. They screamed and struggled violently when the essence was captured. The farmers were so scared that they were just so long under water until it was drowned, told the Mexican television. That would have lasted hours. Only recently they gave the body Fri

Scientists from universities currently subject to various investigations, reports the German newspaper Bild. The body would have features of a lizard (such as teeth without roots, long time under water) but also of man, for example the structure of certain joints. The brain would be very intelligent, especially the section responsible for memory in humans.




Caught 'alien' monkey species in Mexico


A small claw-tamarin monkey.


A squirrel monkey.
HLN update :A peasant in Mexico in May 2007 to own say a strange being caught that he is of extraterrestrial origin. Critics say it is a scam, and it is essentially just a small primate whose person the skin or part of the muscle is removed.

According farmer Marao Lopez screamed and struggled violently when the essence was captured in a dierenval. Lopez was so scared that he kept under water until it drowned, told the Mexican television. That would have lasted hours. Only late last year gave Lopez the body Fri The farmer would now be deceased in bizarre circumstances.

Several universities have now being investigated, reports the German newspaper Bild. According to 'research' is about a life form on earth that have never been found. The DNA they found nowhere else back, and they could not place it in one species. The body would have features of a lizard (such as teeth without roots, to continue long under water), but also of man, eg the structure of certain joints. The brain of the creature would then be enormous, which "indicates a high intelligence.

War orphans
Images of the invention are brought out by UFO expert Jaime Maussan (56). He is convinced that it really is the body of an alien, and said that farmers would have seen essentially half flights.

Farmer killed
Marao Lopez would now be deceased in mysterious circumstances, says UFO expert Joshua P. Warren (32). His body was completely charred recently found in his car. Experts had the flames a much higher temperature than normal, leading to speculation about an alien revenge. In the region where the 'alien' is found, are often spotted UFOs and crop circles.

Critics say it is simply a setup, and is the "alien" just another primate whose skin or a part of the muscle are removed. Probably a squirrel monkey and tamarin monkey-claw, considers the Brazilian biologist Maria Guimarães. "It is quite a small primate," said the Portuguese biologist Bruno Galrido. The story will also show the name of the renowned DNA expert José Antonio Lorente, which the DNA of the alien "would analyze. Lorente says nothing however to know. (sam)

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Alien-baby has no DNA

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Four Scientist have tried with the latest techniques of DNA on the Mexican alien baby . The result were shocking: the creature has no DNA.

For UFO researcher Jaime Maussan this was the most mysterious discovery in his life. This is more evidence that not the essence of the Earth.

No joke

If the owner died mysteriously just after the "alien" was found. Maussan thought it was a bad joke. So it looked like a skinned monkey, but that is not the case.

"We have samples of tissue, bones, hair and skin Scientist sent to three labs in Mexico and one in Canada. But all she could give no results because of the absence of DNA."

Unearthly body

It was sure to Maussan that thisis an alien life form , given the foreign body. The skin is of a different structure, the body is very small in comparison to his head, and eyes, brains and the inner ear very different than earthly living creatures, reports Bild.

See below link of the strange creature:

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Sources: SpitsNieuws : Nóg nieuwer dan ooit tevoren

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