crop circles

  1. White Rabbit

    Two Suns in 2012

    According to this video on December 21, 2012 we will have two suns in our sky... curious what you guys think of this? Apparently the guy figure this out from decoding crop circles. Video information: 2012 researcher and author Marshall Masters, offers an in-depth look at the predictions made...
  2. 100th Monkey

    Russian Scientists Crack Crop Circle Code: Pole Shift Impending

    Hello everyone, I am in no way claiming believe any of this, just passing it on. Russian scientists have cracked the crop circle code, stating that a pole shift is impending but its end result will be a shift into 4th dimensional consciousness for those who are able to raise their consciousness...
  3. New UFO Hunter

    Crop Circle reveals massive Earthquakes in March

    After deciphering this crop circle, many experts believe that something big will happen on May 20, 2012. Jaime Maussan speaks on this topic at the 16th Annual International UFO Congress. More Info on the date 3/22 and its connections with...
  4. Denise

    Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles: An Extraordinary Connection

    THE FILM - MAYAN PROPHECIES AND CROP CIRCLES IS A SENSATION! See why people are talking about this extraordinary film! See new night time surveillance footage of a Crop Circle Formation appearing in only a matter of seconds and discover the stunning connection between the Crop Circles and Mayan...
  5. New UFO Hunter

    Dr. Steven Greer & Colin Andrews: Crop Circles and ET Visitors, 1-27-2012

    Another great listen with Dr Greer and Colin Andrews
  6. New UFO Hunter

    Crop Circles Decoded: Messages In Binary Code

    Has Ea Enki, the Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian "God of Wisdom", visited Earth in a recent crop circle message found in Italy
  7. 100th Monkey

    solid state generator experiment

    Check out this experiment using a toroidal coil. Davida Sereda at the 2010 ufo conference discussed this technology. Dr Greer/Dr Loder discussed some of the recent breakthroughs in this area. It's interesting that the technology was even decoded from crop circles using autocad.
  8. White Rabbit

    Confessions of a 2012 Time Traveler - What a Glorious Year!

    I acquired this from a guy named Nod-Roj, declaring to be a time traveler... I'm not taking it this seriously, but interesting nonetheless! Confessions of a 2012 Time Traveler - What a Glorious Year! Thank goodness 2011 is in the can.... now we can get on to the good stuff! - Hold on to your...
  9. New UFO Hunter

    Prince Charles Lifelong UFO Experiences

    This is an easily Veritas Interview. Colin Andrews is questioned and shares nothing you've seen prior revealed details about the Royal Family and Rockefeller UFO/Crop Circle fixation.
  10. Denise

    The UFO Phenomena The Metatronic Perspective Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

    The UFO Phenomena The Metatronic Perspective Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn Question to Metatron: Many have spoken of extra terrestrial beings having bases within inner dimensions of earth, and that these occur in hologramic dimensions. Many report seeing such craft, yet it seems...
  11. New UFO Hunter

    Crop Circle Message Says its From Anunnaki!!!


    General Thoughts On Crop Circles (Real And Fake)

    Crop circles, the real ones, are there for a reason. I believe them to be messages to us all. They do seem to have very profound meanings. However, I don't always agree with the interpretations of what they are. Mathematically calculated, sure, but they are more than what they seem and when...
  13. New UFO Hunter

    Farmers Say UFOs Destroying Crops: Global Food Supplies Under Assault

    With so many reports of UFOs in farm country, what is the real reason the feds want to drive farmers off their land into the cities. Could it be that aliens have targeted our agriculture resources? What better way to defeat a species than manipulate its food supply? South American farmers...
  14. New UFO Hunter

    Scientific Studies Confirm: "Crop Circles Are Made by Balls of Light

    1. DR. ELTJO HASELHOFF is one of the few people on planet Earth to have had a paper published on crop circles in a peer-reviewed scientific journal (‘Physiologa Plantarum’). His paper asserts that the long-recognized connection of crop circles to balls of light may be even stronger than many...
  15. Denise

    2012 Event Horizon: (3) Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age, by David Wilcock

    David Wilcock) In this heavily-anticipated sequel to 2012 Enigma, (#1 Most Viewed on Google, 12/1/08), David Wilcock presents a compelling case that the prophecies of a Golden Age are not myth or superstition. Our DNA has been evolving 100 times more rapidly in the last 5000 years due to a...
  16. New UFO Hunter

    'Tuning the Diamonds, Electromagnetism & Spiritual rEvolution' Susan Joy Rennison

    15 aug 2011 ~reupload from: ~sailing on a journey with author of "Tuning the Diamonds, Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution", Susan Joy Rennison is a geophysics researcher & expert on space weather & earth changes. Susan summarizes the material in her book & how...
  17. New UFO Hunter

    Russian cosmonaut Popovich: ETs warn Cataclysms will unify human consciousness

    A group of prominent Russian scientists, including Russian cosmonaut Dr. Marina Popovich, PhD, as well as Victoria Popova, Dr. Sc., Ph.D., and Lidia Andrianova Ph.D. have announced a discovery of extraterrestrial communications in pictograms that extraterrestrial intelligence has placed in...
  18. New UFO Hunter

    Proof Of Real Alien UFO Activity

    Newly discovered top secret NASA video shows an alien UFO following the space shuttle in orbit during a recent mission. NASA refusing to comment on the alien UFO sightings, even ordering astronauts to keep silent. Alien UFO craft following the space shuttle, near misses as the UFO races towards...
  19. New UFO Hunter

    Detailed Scientific look at crop circles

    Unique and meticulous look into the crop circle movement. Too lengthy with numerous photographs to publish right here. Take the link if the topic interests you.
  20. New UFO Hunter

    UFO "Ea Enki" - ASCII code was drawn in Crop Circle at Poirino, Italy on June 20, 2011

    ASCII code was drawn in Crop Circle at Poirino, Italy on June 20, 2011: A new crop picture which appeared near Poirino, Italy on June 20, 2011 shows at its centre a large seven-pointed star, which clearly resembles another star like crop picture from Lane End Down in southern England during July...