Amazing UFO sighting in Denmark (video analysis)

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I made a short video analysis of a UFO sighting filmed in Denmark, Alleroed, by youtube user "Femse" this year August 7, 2011. It is not a scientific analysis, just me trying to make this amazing sighting obvious for the viewer. The video contains some small lights / objects, which have been seen and filmed often before. Some of them can be Chinese lanterns, but this one is very different from the others, because one or two larger unidentified flying objects with lights on, are following the small ones or the other way round. This is an interesting UFO case, because the same type of mysterious light, more specifically the large object you see in the article picture above left and around one minute into the video analysis, was observed in North Carolina in Hendersonville October 17, 2011, 70 days after the observation in Denmark. The North Carolina UFO was observed by three witnesses who recorded the object, as it traveled across the sky, exactly as the UFOs did in Denmark. When you look closer, it seems that there is a possibility, that the smaller lights actually are some kind of reflections on the surface of the object. The big round light seem to be positioned higher than the smaller lights (or reflections) and sends its beam away from them (-it should certainly do that in our physical realm).

Video analysis short

The original video uploaded by youtube user "Femse"