1. Truth Vibrations

    Benjamin Fulford, 22 October 2013

    Like a junkie selling family heirlooms the US corporate government buys time Posted by benjamin October 22, 2013 More: Ben Fulford
  2. Truth Vibrations

    China to launch an unmanned moon lander by end 2013! Will they be warned off?

    ....and what will they find? Source:
  3. Boiling Frog

    Chinese Boy with Ability to See in Pitch Black Stuns Medics

    This is very interesting, I can't see in the dark to save me life. Source: Here is an inconclusive debunking article by the MSM:
  4. R

    China and India in Canada’s Artic backyard

    Leona Aglukkaq, Canada’s Minister of Health, is the current rotating Chairoerson of the Artic Council. Canada, the US, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Russia are the original members of the Artic Council founded in 1996. On May 15, 2013, both India and China along with eight other...
  5. R

    Pakistan brokered Taliban-US direct talks

    The scheduled direct talks between the US and Taliban delegates on Thursday in Doha (Qatar) are still on hold as US Viceroy in Kabul, Hamid Karzai, has refused to attend the meeting. Karzai claims the US move to allow Taliban to open an office in its colony of Qatar, is violation of the...
  6. Truth Vibrations

    Chinese Axes Polished Better in 4,500 B.C. Than Today

  7. R

    John Kerry: ‘No military solution in Syria’

    US secretary of state, Israel-Firster John Kerry held talks with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and Russin president Vladmir Putin in Moscow on May 7, 2013. John Kerry agreed with his Russian counterpart that political dialogue between Syrian government and the Western-supported rebels...
  8. R

    Chavez haunts Zionist leaders from his grave

    Obama administration refuses to accept the 1.6% margin victory by Chavez’s handpicked successor, Nicolas Maduro, over USrael-backed crypto-Jewish candidate Henrique Capriles in April 14 presidential election. Washington, as usual, has called Maduro victory as “stolen election” even though former...
  9. R

    Lobby: ‘First North Korea – Then Iran’

    There are nine countries (US, UK, France, China, Russia, India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea) which are recognized as nuclear powers. Pakistan and North Korea are the only two nuclear powers which refuse to accept Israel as a legitimate state. As result, both of them have been the target of...
  10. R

    [Must Watch!] Conspiracy Files 2013 HAARP Around the World Mind Weather Control secrets documentary Illuminati

    Conspiracy Files 2013 HAARP Around the World Mind Weather Control secrets documentary Illuminati Published on 3 Mar 2013 Conspiracy Files 2013 secrets documentary Illuminati HAARP Around the World Secret society Extraterrestrial Life HAARP heating earth's atmosphere tornado Manipulation...
  11. R

    Jews against Dennis Rodman

    I must admit, I’m at loss to understand what the Zionist-controlled Obama administration and Israeli Hasbara goons are trying to hide by running a vicious campaign against the NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman. It could not be just because Rodman (a Jewish name, I presume) visited North Korea...
  12. R

    US wants Morsi to deliver more

    “The aid to Egypt must be linked not only to its economic needs and policies. It must truly be linked to whether Morsi does in fact “protect the democratic principles that the Egyptian people fought so hard to secure,” wrote the convicted Zionist Jew, Elliot Abrams, at CFR’s ‘Pressure Point...
  13. R

    US to honor ‘antisemite’ Muslimah; Oooch!

    A few months ago, the US State Department had announced the names of ten women from foreign countries who have served, intentionally or unintentially, American imperialism in their respective countries. This year’s lucky women come from Afghanistan, China, Egypt, Russia, India, Honduras...
  14. R

    Hugo Chavez leaves ‘Free World’ orphan

    “For my brother Chavez, that Olympic champion of new socialist ideas,” wrote former Cuban revolutionary President Fidel Castro to Chavez in the dedication of a book given to him in Havana in 2006. Yesterday, hundreds of millions of victims of western colonial powers around the world, mourned...
  15. R

    Iran-Pakistan Gas pipeline irks Canada

    Canada’s foreign minister, John Baird, who was one of speakers at the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) conference in Washington DC on March 3, told Islamabad on March 1 that Canadian government was very much disappointed by Pakistan’s decision to go ahead with the $7.5 billion Iran-Pakistan (I-P) gas...
  16. R

    Syria’s election to UN decolonization committee upsets Israel

    Inspite of the US-Israel bloody campaign to topple Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian government – last week, Syrian representative at United Nations, Bashar Ja’afari PhD, was unimously re-elected rapporteur of the UN Special Committee on Decolonization. This shows that everyone at the UN doesn’t agree...
  17. R

    World Powers step-down at nuclear talks with Iran

    The latest round of talks between the P5+1 powers (aka E3+3) and Iran in Kazakhstan ended on Wednesday. The new proposal by the P5+1 called for easing of the “crippling sanctions” and allowing Iran to keep its 20-percent enriched uranium fuel in return for Tehran’s suspension of its enrichment...
  18. R

    Iceland’s ‘War on Porn’ offends Jewish groups

    Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir’s Social Democratic government is considering banning online-pornography with the introduction of radical internet filters that would block online content. China is already using internet filters to save children and women from the serious damaging effects of pornography...
  19. 100th Monkey

    Ben Fulford: Is March going to be the month of the final breakthrough? February 26, 2013

    High level geopolitical horse trading going on around right now appears to be headed towards historical changes in how the world is managed will become visible in March. Big diplomatic moves have been seen with Japan, Russia, Europe, South America, Africa and the US during the past week...
  20. R

    Israelis detained for organ harvesting in Romania

    Jewish news agency JTA, reported on February 20, 2013 that Romanian police detained two Israeli medical personnel, Dr. Dr. Rapahel Ron-El, a fertility specialist at Assaf Harofeh Hospital in central Israel and his technical assistant Daphna Komarovsky for illegally harvesting eggs from local...