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Amazing things angels, do you realize that mankind can count on his hand the things usually prayed to?

Gods, Saints, Angels.

as a group, Angels seem to rank right up there as pretty special. We name them, give them specific jobs or titles, classify them and give them rank even. From what I can tell they deserve every bit of the attention we give to them. Just think about it.

Angels bring us messages, they protect us from harm, sometimes even from ourselves, they give us guidance and teachings and even bring warnings.

I'm thinking of the story of Lot and when Angels were sent to warn him of his cities impending destruction by God. Now that’s the kind of messengers I’d want coming around. Still, as I was thinking of that story today I couldn't help but think of the angels and the conversation they must have been having as they were leaving the city.

Angel one, "You did mention to his wife not to look back, didn't you?"

Angel two, "Nah, I told Lot and I’m sure he'll pass the message along."

We also have disagreements about angels, their purpose or meaning, just like we have disagreements about allot of other things, but that doesn't change the sheer magic and warmth they seem to bring into our beings as we discuss them or feel them around us. The one thing I’ve yet to find disagreement on is if they exist. Seems we all believe that they do.

I watched a movie recently, "City of Angels" and in it the writer seemed to be stressing that people and angels were separate, two different beings and even though in the movie an angel became human that it wasn't possible for a human to become an angel....

BAHHH!!!! I don't believe that for even a second.

Anyone who believes humans can't be angels has never seen the face of a sleeping toddler, or a fireman struggling desperately to save the burning home of someone he doesn't know, or a volunteer in a hospice helping a dying person make an easy journey into the next world.

Matter of fact, I believe we all have a streak of angel in us. Each of us has done good things that were beyond the norm, with prayers, hope, hugs and love we've touched more lives than any of us will ever really know.

I guess the point I’m getting at is this, The next time you find yourself in front of a mirror, looking for a new gray hair or and old gray wrinkle, step back for just a moment and take a good look at the person in the mirror.

You may just be amazed at the beauty of the angel looking back at you....

Love and light,

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