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I would like to make a note about this information. I had this written and was ready to be shared back in November, hence why it is dated for November. For reasons beyond my control it didn't get posted until now. There is a section that is clearly outdated now, but I will not remove it as this is how the article was meant to be.

I realize that, now, there is more that could be added to this article, however, it will remain unchanged. When it is needed, this will be updated, but for the time being, this is what it is because it needs to be this way.

Thank you. :)

Lady of Light
November 2012

Please keep in mind, this is merely a simple breakdown of any of these abilities. What is said here is presented to me with my base understanding for what I deal with most often (I’m rarely given more than what will make sense to me). There is much more that could be said about any of the categories listed below (including more break-offs of each), but this had to be kept short for ease of reading; to simplify for anyone who may have little or no understanding in this area.

Again, as with many of the channels I receive, it does get somewhat repetitive, but as I’ve explained before, different days, different sources, 1 message.

Psychics, Mediums, Healers, Channelers:

All “psychics” (mediums, healers, clairvoyants, channelers, etc.) work with the same energy but on different levels of seeing, feeling, hearing, and doing.


Channeling is receiving messages from other sources. This can be audibly (with your ears), through thought (seems like thoughts, this is probably the most common), through other sources such as crystal balls, Tarot cards, séance, Ouiji boards, and other “psychic” devices/methods.

Just because 2 or more channelers are getting and relaying the same message, does not make the message that much more accurate. Sources for feeding channelers often come from those with the technology to enter into someone's mind. Not all channelers receive from these sources, however, it is easy to see (once you've opened up enough) which ones are true benevolent sources, and which are false.

If you are on a higher frequency, when you channel, you will channel higher frequency beings, alternately, if you are on a lower frequency, you will channel lower frequency beings. This works the same for any type of divination, including Ouiji boards.

There are many channelers who receive messages from the same source. This is known because the source gives the channeler a name. Having a name of a source tends to make the source less credible, because if the information is coming so that others may benefit, then the source need not HAVE a name. Having a name leans toward a being of Ego. Beings of ego are not necessarily there to benefit the masses. They are there to gain recognition for themselves.

The point is, you can't rely more on the channeled information from sources with names, and that give identical information through different people, than someone who channels from sources that choose to remain anonymous. It's the anonymity that makes them, at times, even more credible than a channeled entity with a name.

As far as I'm concerned, if the ego of the entity being channeled requires them to announce who they are, then the information is already, at that point, somewhat tainted and unreliable. What's in it for the entity that it has to have recognition? The need for recognition is something that higher entities should not require. We at THIS level seek recognition. You have to ask yourself “What do these entities have to gain?” If they must tell you who they are and insist on giving you a name, then they have something to gain.

Mediums (A different type of Channeler):

Mediums are simply a different type of channeler. They simply work with “souls” that are on a much closer frequency to our own. Mostly they deal with “souls” who have been disembodied (ghosts). However, they may also tap into demonic entities. The entities are generally of a lower frequency than that of what a Channeler deals with. Mediums also can communicate back and forth with any entity, such as asking questions and getting answers, etc.


Psychics are generally considered to be those who deal with visions and omens. They are the clairvoyants and the clairaudients. They are your fortune-tellers, and scryers (crystal ball and other forms of gazing for divination). They are also the ones who can just look at anything or anyone and see things or hear things around them. Some can even touch an object to tap into the energy held within it. Those on this level can see or hear things that have already happened, what is happening now, and what may very well be the future. They are multi-time, multi-dimension viewers.

When it comes to future events, psychics are often ridiculed for things that were predicted and did not actually happen. I have an explanation for this. Sometimes, when “looking” we sometimes tap into other realities. It is said that everything that can possibly happen can and is happening all around us simultaneously in different “dimensions”. A psychic will tap into a “dimension” that is usually where the path we are on is leading. Nothing that a psychic sees or hears is FACT; it is merely possibility. If something changes in someone’s life (personal readings) or in the world (worldwide visions of future), what was seen will not necessarily hold true in that case.

Healers (Psychic):

Healers are those who channel the energies necessary to help others to heal. These people have the ability to either do hands-on healing, or healing from a distance, or both. (The body I am currently in at this time can merely heal from a distance.)

While some healers merely channel the energy to heal others, there are those who aid their healing by using things of natural qualities to heal and help to cleanse a person’s body. This allows for the natural healing energy of the person who is receiving the healing to aid in his/her own health and recovery.

The most important thing when healing someone, if they are to remain well, is a person’s intent to want to be healed. This provides a healing energy of its own given by the ailing person.

A person who is ill and does not wish to be better will never get better or remain better even if a healing is provided. If it is their choice to be ill, then they will remain so. Likewise, if it is their choice to be well, they will be well. There are times when a person just needs a boost to give them the power within themselves to make that choice, but it is their choice, not the choice of the healer. This is why healers cannot simply go around healing every ailing person on the planet. Not everyone wishes to be healed, and so those wishes must be respected.


Sensitives are considered to be psychics in their own right. They simply sense things around them. They do not have visions, they may or may not see images of “ghosts” or “spirits”. They may or may not hear disembodies voices. They can feel energy, changes in energy, feelings of good or bad that surround them when they are in any location.

Being a Sensitive, can lead into being a medium or a common “psychic”. It has happened to many. It is as if the “sensitive” stage is just that, a stage. Once you complete this stage, you can and often do, move on to more responsibility with your allotted powers. But you must complete the stage and accept your gifts and use them wisely and without fear in order to move on. If you do not, you will remain merely a sensitive.


There is an air of deception with everything. I do not say this to deceive; I say this because you need to question everything and really look and see for yourself what is true for you and what is not.

There is much deception with entities that come through during channeling and to mediums. Ouiji boards are known for these types of entities to come through often. So, trust only in what feels right to you. Nothing should be taken at face value. "Meditate" on all that you take in.

The higher your frequency when channeling, or having visions or anything else for that matter, the less deception will come to you. This is because the beings that deceive are on the lower frequencies and cannot harmonize with the higher frequencies.

Some people start out true to themselves and others, while others start out with the intention to deceive. Those that start out for the greater good, doing it for everyone else, usually end up getting corrupted for one reason or another. They will either channel from proper good sources and become based on ego, or they (without knowing it) channel from deceitful sources with ulterior motives and end up channeling bad information because the start of their information was good so they just go along with anything their channel source tells them without question. By allowing their ego to take over, they have lowered their frequencies without knowing they’ve done so. Another reason for going astray is for money. Money corrupts even the best of “psychics” and channelers.

I do not channel any information that is to be deceptive. I merely use the information I channel as a guide. I only wish to help those in need of assistance reach states of being that are of love and peace. I refuse to relay information of events to come that are specific, because nothing is a "for sure" thing. Not even sources that are in a higher state of being can know 100% what is to come. Nothing is certain, except what WE make certain. We create what IS, that is why "predictions" are meaningless. I will try to lead things to a better way by helping society to create a peaceful world for all. Those are the kinds of messages that I WILL relay.

When all these channelers channel, they all are given a name for the entity from which they are channeling. This is indicative of an egotistical being; if there's an egotistical being coming through who wishes to be recognized, then the channel cannot be pure. By pure, this is the term used for that which is for the greater good, and not for the being that is being channeled. The Ra material is a very good example of this; Ra, must be recognized each time it is spoken to. This entity also, took over the person completely during the channel. This does not need to happen for a clear channel to occur. If an entity needs to take over a person’s body, then there needs to be question about that entity. So, a good indication of whether or not the information should be listened to, is by looking to see if there is a name for the "higher being" that is coming through to the human on this earth. I’m not saying that there is no good information in the Ra material, only that there will also be messages of deception as well.

Channeled beings that have the need to let people know who they are by giving a name are very vain beings, and can't necessarily be trusted. If they are vain, they have a strong ego. Ego clouds judgment.

You can't trust anything anyone says. Only YOU know for yourself what is true. Take from what others say and within yourself, only then, can you know if it is right or wrong. There are many who deceive. Some do this knowingly, and others do not. The ones who do it knowingly have something to gain. The ones who do not, usually believe they are genuinely helping others and do not know they are being manipulated themselves.

Prophets And Prophecies:

Prophets are those who bring about news of that which is to come. Most will make claims of future happenings and what needs to be done to “save” ourselves from “doomsday” or “Armageddon”. It is important to take in the information, but then sift through it. You will know whether or not what is said is right.

Most prophesiers turn into "profit seers" or "profit seekers". The problem is, they first start out getting some inclinations of what is to come or what may come through whatever source is feeding them. What then happens is, they get a sense of what they've been seeing comes to pass and they start to get an inflated ego. These things usually start out small and work their way up to larger things. They no longer use these "visions" as a tool to help humanity, but they use it as an ego boost to make themselves feel good. Then, they start to put it out there that they can predict the future, so people pay to hear what they have to say. This is the worst thing that can happen to ANY channeler / medium / and dare I say it, "prophet". A prophet, as we use the term, is someone who comes forward as what they say is a messenger from god. However, a prophet, by true definition is someone who prophesizes (sees the future / has visions of what is to come). So, when I use the term "prophet", in this case, I speak of the latter, the one who has visions of future events.

All information becomes distorted because these psychics tend to start doing things for the wrong reasons and their egos are greatly affected. This is the most common thing that happens. They tend to not realize that the information they are getting may be tainted. There are those on this planet, and I'm sure on others, that are sending misinformation to many psychics and channelers as real information. Most don't know how to sort the true from the false. Also, what sometimes happens with psychics/visionaries/seers, is that they sometimes tap into other realities/dimensions without knowing that's what's happening, and they truly believe that what they saw is fact. Big problem.

Money is only necessary in this realm because of the way we have chosen to live. Most people don't see that. The seers are the ones who should see that the most, but they choose to ignore that and go with the dark side, so to speak. They always turn to follow the money.

Voices In Your Head:

Some people would refer to this as your conscience. It can be likened to an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. This is because, that is the way some of these entities work. You have the good ones telling you one thing, and the evil ones telling you another thing. You can quite literally go through a battle of good and evil in your own mind. And sometimes even a battle for your sanity.

If you hear voices in your head (and many people do), do not ignore them as if they are not there. Listen to what they are saying. Are they malevolent, and want to harm people or even yourself? Or, are they benevolent, do they want to help others or yourself? Are they nothing more than voices of opinion on different matters? You must listen to know what they are. They should not be ignored, they should be addressed.

If the voices that you hear are telling you to harm someone, you need to confront the voice or voices that are wanting you to do these things. You must stand up to the voice or voices and let them know that you will not follow their wishes.

If the voices are telling you to go out and help someone, or do something nice, then you should probably listen. It would seem that they would be there for your own good and the good of society.

If the voices seem to be talking about things that you wouldn’t have necessarily normally been thinking about, then you are most likely receiving channeled information. You should put pen to paper and take note of what’s being said.

All of the above, are channeled into your mind, thereby making you a channeler. It is up to you to determine what you listen to and what you do not.

Unfortunately, most people with this going on are considered to be crazy in this world so they never make mention of what is going on with them. And when that happens, especially with those who have entities telling them to harm someone, it drives them completely insane and they become “crazy”. This is why it’s important to not fight with these voices and simply acknowledge them and make your wishes known. You’re not crazy for hearing voices, it is more common than you would imagine.

The End of The Mayan Calendar:

The closer we get to the end of this cycle (which is predicted to be December 21[SUP]st[/SUP], 2012), the more messages, and visions, and predictions will pop up. This may indeed be because of the “timeline” issue. That being, messages and visions may not even come from this timeline, especially those with word about future events. Anything that is possible to happen can and is happening somewhere in some existence. We are not necessarily on the same “timeline” as the events predicted.

The Use of Force:

The use of force is NEVER the way to go when trying change the world and get messages across. When force is used, people tend to put up a wall and fight back. They strike back at you because they feel like they are being attacked. They feel like their beliefs are being attacked. Whenever you challenge someone’s beliefs, this is the typical reaction you can expect. So, using force is not the answer.

Instead, we need simply to relay any messages and remove any ignorance. Do not push, ever, or the push back will be stronger than what you push. Educate, remove the ignorance as best you can, but you MUST allow for each individual to choose to proceed from there. You cannot make decisions for anyone, as much as you may want to. Everyone has to choose individually.

Psychic Pawns:

You also have those of these types of people that are used as pawns against the others to try to derail them from doing the right thing. These are the ones that are sent false messages in which they force upon others and insist that they are right and the others need to change what they are doing based on the message(s) that they got. Pawns, that's all they are. It's terrible, because a lot of what they believe in is right and would seem to be for the greater good, but because they are susceptible to the influence of the "dark" forces as well as the "light" forces, they cannot distinguish between the two and are often steered in the wrong direction. This forceful bunch, although they may have a message that is good, are not using it in the right way.

There are those of us who have a mission and know what it is, and how to go about doing it. It is important to not allow these "pawns" to take us off our paths. We all lead our own separate paths that lead to the same place, but without these paths taken, no one will reach the end goal. It is like pieces of a puzzle, if you are missing any, the picture is never complete. We each carry a piece of the puzzle, and it is important to get to the end location and put that puzzle together.

In Conclusion:

It is extremely difficult to explain in detail what different levels of psychics are and what they do. This is because there are many levels of abilities with different levels of potential for each one. It is those who hone their abilities that are able to do many, many of these things such as healing, channeling, visions, etc.

No 2 psychics or healers will EVER 100% agree. This is primarily Ego based. Some of which is based on the messages that each individual receives and what possible future they tap into; but it all relates to the ego on how they perceive and handle what they are given. People assume all psychics are the same and on the same level of being. This is not the case. This is why they cannot and do not agree on most things.

You should NEVER rely on someone else for what will happen at ANY given time. By doing so, you leave yourself vulnerable to other people's realities and you choose not to create your own world with your own beliefs. Not everything that is true for one person is true for all. Each individual has their own truths and their own paths; no 2 people walk the same path with the same purpose, and therefore do not necessarily share the same truths.

We are all different, and we are all on different levels, therefore we cannot possibly receive or perceive anything exactly the same. We each take in different frequency ranges and only some of our signals are the same that we receive. We can be likened to a radio receiving a signal, some of us have crystal clear reception, and others have static, and others yet have barely a signal at all, but we all do the best we can with what we have and what we get. Some have to work hard at tuning in the signal where others are already tuned in and need no adjustment. Most of us are working with some static in our signal.
Thank you Lady of Light or interesting and breakdown of some the gifts that people and yourself have been gifted with.

This will help too when I talk to my friend sometimes about these things.:)

I wonder if maybe I might have some slight tendancies to be a sensitive. Sometimes I get a feeling and have been for the past year that all is not as Elite would have you believe, or is it just my imagination? Just wondering out loud for want of a better description.
I wonder if maybe I might have some slight tendancies to be a sensitive. Sometimes I get a feeling and have been for the past year that all is not as Elite would have you believe, or is it just my imagination? Just wondering out loud for want of a better description.

And that you might be. You are "outside" of what is going on, to a degree, and that makes you more aware. Being a Sensitive is being more aware without necessarily being aware that you're aware. Whether or not you are sensitive, you are stepped out from the norm and always have been. That in itself is a great thing. The more you step out, the more you are aware of, whether it is at a psychic level or not. I bet if you were to focus on those things that you feel are your imagination, you would develop the ability to see much more than what's "normally" seen. :)

I don't chalk anything up to imagination anymore. Not since I learned more about what reality actually is.

I think I trailed off a little there. I guess I'm back to normal, lol! :) My mind's in a million directions at once. :) Glad you enjoyed the write-up. :)

You'll know if you're sensitive if you pay enough attention to any "odd" feelings that don't quite fit what should be. :)
Glad to hear your feeling better. :)

Your right, I never thought about it that respect as to being a great thing, but then maybe it's for the best now. I'm just glad I went through all that back then, I think these school bullies are worse now. This is one person who wouldn't like being a kid again,(maybe 18 lol , but not a kid).

Will try to remember to do as you suggest about focusing.:)
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