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India’s Hindu extremists (Hindutva) politicians, the middle class, upper-caste Hindus and some Bollywood fatcats have turned an unknown old man, Anna Hazare 74, into a modern Gandhi. The ‘title’ has been bestowed upon him for his so-called ‘fast to death’ in April 2011 – in protest against India’s chronic corruption in polity, bureaucracy and Indian society.

Hazare’s disciples have come up with a declaration (Janlokpal Bill) to solve India’s chronic corruption. However, the document doesn’t addresses the the real evil practices carried out in Hindu-dominated society for tens of centuries, i.e. Hindu caste system fascism, racism against non-Hindu population, plight of 33 million Hindu widows, dowry, colonialism, etc.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat, an Indian human rights activist and blogger believes that Anna’s campaign is funded by India’s fatcats like Tata and Anil Ambani groups which can control the mass media to distort the facts like the Western media does to serve the interests of Israel and multi-national oil and arms groups.

“As reported in many dailies, the main organizers of this crowd management team are not just the corporate jars, former anchors and reporters of television channels who are producing Anna package to the country but the micro level management is also being taken care of by the religious fanatics who have deep rooted hatred towards the Dalits and minorities of the country,” wrote Bhushan.

Professor Nyla Ali Khan (University of Oklahoma) wrote: “It is amusing to watch right-wing commentators on television, whose belligerence, blustering and rhetoric vis-à-vis Kashmir is repulsive, take up Anna’s cause with gusto. Indian parliamentarians, who, time and again, have failed to invigorate the very well written Constitution of India with the dignity and vigour that it deserves, are screaming themselves hoarse about the supremacy of parliamentary democracy. A crude translation of that would be that they are worried about the loss of their privileges, the maintenance of which doesn’t require much work. It is greatly troubling that the Indian legal system cannot prevent the nomination of a dubious Head of State for the position of Prime Minister of India, one who has been accused by lakhs of people of orchestrating a pogrom in his State. Lack of corroborating evidence! Hail parliamentary democracy!”.

Indian author and writer, Arundhati Roy who in her book, Listening to Grasshoppers: Field Notes on Democracy, has claimed that India is not a democracy. She wrote an oinion piece in The Hindu (August 21, 2011) entitled I’d rather not be Anna.

‘The People’ are the tens of thousands who have been miraculously multiplied into millions by our TV channels, like Christ multiplied the fishes and loaves to feed the hungry. “A billion voices have spoken,” we’re told. “India is Anna”,” wrote Roy. Sounds like Zionists’ narrative of Holocaust.

“Who is he really, this new saint, this Voice of the People? Oddly enough we’ve heard him say nothing about things of urgent concern. Nothing about the farmer’s suicides in his neighbourhood, or about Operation Green Hunt further away. Nothing about Singur, Nandigram, Lalgarh, nothing about Posco, about farmer’s agitations or the blight of SEZs. He doesn’t seem to have a view about the Government’s plans to deploy the Indian Army in the forests of Central India”. As a former Bollywood actress, Roy asks too many questions, doesn’t she!

“This awful crisis has been forged out of the utter failure of India’s representative democracy, in which the legislatures are made up of criminals and millionaire politicians who have ceased to represent its people. In which not a single democratic institution is accessible to ordinary people. Do not be fooled by the flag waving. We’re watching India being carved up in war for suzerainty that is as deadly as any battle being waged by the warlords of Afghanistan, only with much, much more at stake”. Is Arudhato Roy trying to tell something to Yankees?

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