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    [Must See!] Extreme Cuteness

    Well, here I go again found these two things thought I'd share. :) and now this is Kudos to the cats. :)
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    [Must Watch!] Equal time Funny cats

    Thought I'd give equal time to the cats :) Hope you enjoy!
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    US-Saudis: Committed to bring regime-change in Syria-Iran

    Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry (with Jewish family roots), is on visit to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On Monday he held several meetings with the ‘King’s Men’ including Royal Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal in Riyadh. On Moday, both “democratically elected” leaders told...
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    [Attention] Food Will Hit Poor World Bank Warns Alex Jones Infowars

    Imagine that, the World Bank fat cats, warning about the food prices hurting the poor! Wonder how long it took them to figure out what the average poor person already knows, everytime they go to the store. You sure can't pull the wool over the elites eyes for too long can you now? A real...
  5. T

    Dog and germs and dirt

    In this article a new scientific discovery which is a proof on the sincerity of the prophet, let us read ... Always, we find in our prophet's instructions many benefits for us as Allah almighty says about the prophet: "Verily, there has come unto you a Messenger (Muhammad) from amongst...
  6. Lady of Light

    I Don't Call Them Ghosts, I Call Them Other Frequency Beings

    This is mainly a post in response to Gypsy about the brown furry friend seen around me, but it is also to give some relief to others who may be experiencing similar things. Lately,ever since March of this year (2012) when I fully opened up and have been shining my light more brightly to be...
  7. R

    A Pastor’s search for the historical Jesus

    The other day I came across an interesting article by Rev. Howard Bess, entitled Hiding the True Jesus in which he challenges Christian dogma about Jesus, Christianity and the Gospels. In my comments, I tried to explain that some of Rev. Howard Bess narratives of the life and Jesus’ message are...
  8. Denise

    Paracetamol causes Alzheimers?

    (Health science spirit) At first glance it sounds far out to link Alzheimer's disease (AD) to an apparently harmless over-the-counter analgesic (pain reliever) and antipyretic (fever reducer). Paracetamol, is called acetaminophen in the U.S. and Canada, and often sold under the brand name...
  9. White Rabbit

    Paid "Shills exist. They are real." A paid Internet Shill's Confession

    WOW I saw this on ATS wesite, just something we should all be aware of. The origal post is here
  10. Denise

    Message From Sa~Ni~Ti

    My beloved children: I come to you with blessings and beer. Imbibe freely of my celestial crock: You have suffered long and patiently from repeated promises, and promises multiplied and promises dangled beyond your reach. In truth, we who watch from our omnipresent technology as we string...
  11. Denise

    Cats can control Rats minds...and maybe even Humans

    I am willing to bet they are using toxoplasma gondii on us...right now, I bet they can even make us buy things.... More cat
  12. R

    Sen. Hatch: ‘Obama is no Moses’

    Last Thursday morning, at the National Prayer Breakfast, Barack Obama claimed that if his Lord Christ have been alive – he may have supported Obama’s plan to raise taxes on the 1% American fatcats. “For me as a christian, it also coincides with Jesus teaching that ‘for onto whom much is given...
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    Poll: ‘Anti-Israel Ken may become London Mayor’

    CNN’expert’ on Sunday:”London is located in Norfolk.” According to a recent poll, former Mayor Ken Livingstone has overtaken the Conservative incumbent Mayor Boris Johnson, a Crypto Jew for the coming London Mayrol election on May 3. The Labour candidate secured an impressive five-point swing...
  14. Denise

    Top Scientist: Your Pet Can Read Your Mind..!

    12 January 2012 If beloved pets could speak what would they tell you? Could your dog warn you of an approaching car accident? Might your cat share tomorrow's winning lottery numbers? A Cambridge, England scientist thinks he has evidence many animals have ESP powers... While some humans...
  15. Denise

    Gerald Celente - Yahoo! Finance - 15 September 2011

    Gerald Celente : "Things are going to get much worse," Celente says. "Society is breaking down on every level: socially, economically, politically and it's not just the U.S. It's worldwide." this is not a democracy, the only ones they represent are the people who give them campaign contributions...
  16. CASPER

    Woolly rhino fossil hints at origins of Ice Age giants

    A 3.6-million-year-old woolly rhinoceros fossil discovered in Tibet indicates that some giant mammoths, sloths and saber-tooth cats may have evolved in highlands before the Ice Age, experts say. Paleontologists from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the Chinese Academy of...
  17. R

    Those ‘self-hating’ Jew protesters in Israel

    Yesterday, the call for a million protest march across 50 Israeli cities became a reality despite Zionist regime’s recent acts of diversion aka problems with Egypt and Turkey. I don’t feel sorry for these parasite foreign Jews living on land stolen from the native Muslim and Christian...
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    Prostitution – West’s ‘cash cow’

    Prostitution is a legal kosher business in Israel-Firster Angela Markel’s Germany. They enrich German economy by paying taxes – the level of which varies from region to region. However, many of pimps and prostitutes are found to cheat on government like many German fatcats. To counter this abuse...
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    Anna Hazare: ‘India’s new Gandhi’

    India’s Hindu extremists (Hindutva) politicians, the middle class, upper-caste Hindus and some Bollywood fatcats have turned an unknown old man, Anna Hazare 74, into a modern Gandhi. The ‘title’ has been bestowed upon him for his so-called ‘fast to death’ in April 2011 – in protest against...
  20. CASPER

    India cheers rising tiger numbers amid habitat concerns

    NEW DELHI – The number of Indian tigers living in the wild rose to 1,706 at the latest count, giving a boost to conservation efforts for the endangered species in the country with the world's largest population of the big cats. But the government on Monday raised concern over a sharp decline...