Answer to the girls, parents who have questions about the HPV vaccine Cervarix
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Groningen, Friday, March 13, 2009

Answer to the girls (13 to 16 years) who have questions about the call for vaccination with the HPV vaccine Cervarix
(human papillomavirus types 16 and 18)
In the Netherlands, by September 2009 via vaccination program to all girls of 12 years the Glaxo Smith Kline HPV vaccine Cervarix offered.

For girls between 13 and 16 years in February 2009 a "catch-up campaign was launched. This is commissioned by the RIVM conducted by the regional GGDen that this task may at their discretion only.

Hi .............!

Both in the invitation letter that you received the vaccination, and in the brochure and on its website Prik en Bescherm the HPV vaccine:

an unjustified 'Vaccination against cervical cancer' mentioned.

Why is it unjust?

There are many different types of viruses that could cause cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine Cervarix would be most able to protect against infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) strains 16 and 18, or only against the strains in the vaccine are. That there are still dozens of other strains on which you are not protected!

What you have an HPV infection to begin to know, is that most HPV infections clear about go!

And then is that, after contracting an HPV infection within your body a lot to be done before you from that infection will develop cervical cancer. This can average between 10 and 35 years. And Matthias Durst, University of Jena, says clearly: "A tumor can only occur after genetic or chromosomal changes." The probability of this happening is very small.

It is true that you also can get cervical cancer without any viruses in look. So these are ways which you also can not be vaccinated. (See below what you can do).

What happens now in the Netherlands around the HPV vaccine?

The letter which includes the GGD Regio Nijmegen send you popular to speak with 'girls' and ends with the promise that after the third round prick all girls who have been vaccinated, five iPods be raffled'..... ..........

That makes the vaccinations very attractive. But is that a correct reason to let you vaccinate?

This action is a bit strange GGD regional initiative. Loes Hartman, communications GGD Netherlands says: "In order for the campaign to achieve adequate protection, it is important that the girls get all three shots. GGD'en The effort on different ways to motivate girls to do so. How they will give the choice of local GGD'en itself.

Since the injections can be painful, the second and third dose no fun.

Desiree L. Rover is a medical journalist who many intensive and thorough investigation into vaccination in general, and the HPV vaccine in particular. She says: "If I am a young girl would be that these HPV vaccines should take a decision, I would do the following:

I would stay away from the injection of any vaccination whatsoever.
And I would be very far away to these HPV vaccines.

What has this journalist during the research for her book is likely to discover?

* HPV vaccines are now precisely in those countries where cervical cancer occurs almost impossible ... This decline is mainly due to regular monitoring in those countries that you as a woman can do in the context of population screening. This is from your 30th every 5 years to make your uterus area with a smear of infections to control.
Note: with and without HPV vaccines remain smear always needed!

* The link between HPV infection and cervical cancer is an assumption. This means that one assumes that it is, but this is not 100% scientifically established.

One assumes that this must be the cause, and therefore always used the term 'a necessary cause. " That is something very different than hard scientific evidence.

* Research has shown that HPV infection usually disappears by itself again. Why in a few women is not done, is unknown.
A surprising study result is that girls / women at the time of vaccination with all the HPV strains of the vaccine virus as much as 44.6% more likely to develop cervical cancer ... !!!!!! This means that if you are already sexually active or have been a very good chance that you have all these viruses in your will. But please note, even without sexual acts, and even small children can have viruses with them, and also HPV viruses can be transmitted by a hand or a contaminated object. That does not mean that such an infection also will get cancer, chances are high that your body is the virus itself leaves disappear. But when you let vaccinated, your chances of cervical cancer almost 45% larger!

Before the vaccinations you are not the presence of these HPV strains tested. And that is something you should think about! Maybe ask your doctor or to you if you already have had sex. Given that 44.6% it is important that you are honest about blood! If you can not because one of your parents sitting next to you is, make sure your doctor in a different way to know.

* The HPV vaccines are based on genetically engineered virus components (which is called VLPs). This means that the vaccine viruses are not complete, but VLPs, or fragments of the HPV 16 and 18 virus coat. It is believed that the body recognizes these proteins jackets the whole virus and antibodies against it is making. The American physician Dr Bill Deagle which VLP virus particles (jackets proteins) a kind of genetic switch box of pieces, which allow genes on and off, and bring about unpleasant things like infertility, auto-immunity, cancer and abnormal organ development .
The VLPs may not be infectious, as the manufacturers report, they actually more dangerous effects.

* The American doctor also Dr. Rebecca Carley confirms: "We do a tremendous increase in infertility and cervical cancer. And she says with great emphasis: "This vaccine is changing the human genetic structure."

* In addition, the two HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix) except a dangerous quantity of the highly toxic substance aluminum, several other substances that are absolutely not in the body or bloodstream belong. As the proteins from the breeding ground of VLPs: Gardasil to yeast proteins by Cervarix protein insect cells scrap ... These proteins can be directly after the vaccination in the body cause an anaphylactic shock (an acute, often life-threatening allergic reaction), and in the longer term various auto-immune reactions (your body will create materials to your own body tissues).

* In countries where earlier with HPV vaccinations began, have many serious adverse effects occurred. This applies both for Gardasil (in America, Autstralië, eg Spain) and Cervarix (Great Britain). Many girls had a allergic reaction that was life threatening. And sometimes even deadly!

* A document from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, similar to our RIVM) reports that Gardasil since its introduction in America in June 2006, an average of one death per month has been ... besides many other serious consequences, such as paralysis, Guillain-Barre disease, a phenomenon also known after administration of other vaccines.

(Controversial HPV Vaccine Causing One Death Per Month: FDA Report. 140 "serious" adverse reactions, including 27 "life threatening" cases, 10 spontaneous abortion, and 6 cases of the debilitating Guillain-Barre Syndrome reported since January 2008, http:/ / Controversial HPV Vaccine Causing One Death Per Month: FDA Report)

* In America has launched a signature action that the President is requested for an official investigation into the gardasil-vaccine(http://www.thepetitionsite.com/14/investigate-gardasil-vaccine-risks-now).
In February 2009 Spain took 76,000 doses of Gardasil in the market after two girls in Valencia a few hours after their HPV vaccination in the intensive care had ended up.

* The protection afforded by HPV vaccines would offer, keep, say, up to 6 years. The Dutch Health Council is talking about probably longer. A longer term is in any case unclear. When repeated injections are necessary, bring them all the risks involved.
The HPV vaccines are not tested on their ability or genetic changes cause cancer.

you have read the above and other information, and you do not want to be vaccinated.

And you want to be free of cervical cancer ...

What can you do?

For all true diseases, prevention is better than cure!

* First, do not be afraid by what manufacturers and government invoked. The harder they push, the more you should pay attention. It is annoying if you are afraid, you can punch and run, but not clear thinking ... Therefore start with some deep breathing!

* Let you not be fooled by the hype sex. The so-called sexual revolution in the 70s was much less spontaneous than that, we want to believe.

Have respect for yourself and for your body! Listen carefully to yourself and what you really, really want! Do not participate in what others think 'IN' or 'CHILL' is.

When you feel in a NO, then listening to. Better board lady you do not. And you're the boss of your body! That goes for boys and vaccines!

* A healthy body can normally fight each infection itself.

* To keep your body healthy is eating good, full and pure (organic!) Diet is very important.
- Avoid the processed foods in packages, bottles and jars. If that is not (really) work, always read the label! All packaged 'foods are loaded with toxic E-numbers. Buy the book "What's in your food?" And know what you eat. Only especially with aspartame (E951) and MSG (E621).
- Avoid sugar, coffee and alcohol - not just make them your body acid (cancer that is very tasty!), They also draw your immune system.
- You could call your body regularly 'detoxification' (eg Chlorella or spirulina take toxins into your body).
- Drink a lot of filtered water daily (as little as possible from the faucet, that water is good for the washing machine).

* An HPV infection is to prevent and resolve with adequate vitamin A and folic acid. If you want to know more, ask for this time together with your parents in a natural medicine doctor or homeopath.

* And remember above all smears are always needed ...

The more information Desiree L. Rover on the HPV vaccines collected, how difficult it was for the profits of the HPV vaccines would need to receive the star (ie you).

For more detailed information and literature references searches, can find in her book: Cervical cancer - HPV vaccine as a 'deus es vagina.

From May 2009 available at the bookstore, Ankh-hermes and bol.com, de grootste mediawinkel van Nederland | Welkom.


HPV vaccines as a 'deus ex vagina'

Desiree L. Rover - medical research journalist

With a foreword by Dr. HC Moolen Burgh

Size 14.5 x 21 cm.
Price approx € 14.50
ISBN 978.90.202.0327.1
Publication May 2009

Revealing facts about the left side effects of HPV vaccines

When you get cervical cancer, it is horrible, and would you want a quick and safe way to prevent this. But before we vaccinate young girls with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is important however to know what this effect. The manufacturers of this vaccine does not hesitate to use emotional blackmail to intimidate young girls through schools, universities, newspapers, television and the Internet. Even doctors and ministers, these groundless information and are unknown to the actual facts and hidden intentions. Many thousands of international reports of adverse reactions have shown that genetically engineered HPV vaccines are often very serious and can cause permanent damage. The author gives sensational information and reveals the left side.

Know what you spray!

Read before you spray.

Medical research journalist Desiree L. Rover has a broad historical overview of Western patent medicine. In addition, through its global contacts with doctors, therapists and researchers a sound scientific foundation gathered in the fascinating field of complementary and holistic approaches to health. Besides writing articles give lectures and workshops, and regularly acts as chairman of (medical) conferences and public debates.

By Desiree L. Rover

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